Roku users, we have great news! The DramaFever Roku app received a major update today. Rebuilt from the ground up, here are some improvements you'll notice right away. If you watch DramaFever on Roku, first make sure that you have received the update. You may need to visit the channel store in order to receive this. Now, let's look at what's in store with this update: 1. We've given the entire interface an (inter-)facelift, so now menus are more pleasing to use. Pretty! 2. A glitch that had been blocking subtitles on some series has been fixed. This should correct the problem with most series (There may still be a lag with brand-new episodes, as the app catches up to our main site). 3. Subtitles are much easier to read with this update. As many of you have suggested, we've added a black border to subtitles, making them stand out much better from the background. Coming next? Customizable subtitles (and much more). Stay tuned! What do you think of the updated DramaFever app for Roku? Let us know in the comments below!