Besides Jealousy Incarnate, another fun drama that is helping us to cope with the loss of Scarlet Heart: Ryeo has been One Percent of Something. Starring Ha Suk Jin (who just wrapped up Let's Drink), and Jun So Min, the drama follows the story of a rich chaebol, who lost his entire inheritance to a hardworking school teacher. In order to get his inheritance back, he has to marry the teacher and live with her for 6 months. Can a marriage brought upon by someone else’s force of will ever blossom into something more meaningful, or will the arrogant chaebol pack up with his inheritance as soon as this contract matrimony runs out? Whatever the outcome, we will soon find out in episode 16, but for now we are loving the ride! And to celebrate that, here's the official OST!

I won't lie, I did a little jig and head bopping when watching this video! So catchy right? And just to see all the hard work that went into the making of the drama, here are a few of our favorite BTS moments!

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One Percent of Something

Starring Ha Suk Jin and Jun So Min

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