If you've ever wanted a haircut to make you look and feel like your favorite anime character, your time may finally arrive. A crowd funding site has just been set up by an anime-loving hairdressing team in Japan. They plan to set up their own salon in Tokyo's otaku capital of Akihabara, with an opening scheduled for September of this year.

The Akihabara district of Tokyo has got it all when it comes to otaku, manga, and animation, and it looks like it will even have a special hair salon specifically for otaku and anime fans. The project team for the new venture, a Mr. Motegi, has just set up a crowd funding site to solicit fans to donate for this first of its kind hair hair salon. No matter who your favorite anime character is, any one of the anime-fan and otaku hairdressers will cut and style your hair exactly as you wish, and as anime fans themselves, they won't disappoint you. The salon itself will have anime theme songs playing all day, with high-end speakers and even a projector to show anime so customers can watch while getting treated to an awesome anime haircut. There will also be over 1000 manga comics and various magazines on hand.

When one makes a donation on their crowdfunding site, he or she will get discount tickets according to how much money was donated. And for the special supporter who gives a million yen or more (8800 US dollars), a lifetime free pass for unlimited anime haircuts and styling awaits. So far, the "Otasalonproject" has collected 142,000 yen (1250 US dollars) of a 300,000 yen (2640 US dollars) goal with 56 days left. Looks promising! Come September, we'll be seeing otaku, anime fans, and cosplayers from all over Japan lining up to get their haircuts in this new Akihabara salon made just for them.

Check out the crowdfunding site HERE.

"A Hair Salon Belonging to Otaku in Akihabara"

Projector on the ceiling for viewing anime on the wall, images reflecting in mirrors, and a bookshelf full of manga

Posters and more manga on bookshelves

Akihabara in Tokyo, otaku capital of the world


Please Come Back, Mister

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