The post-army comeback for superstar Go Soo (Green Rose, Piano), this successful melodrama paired him with Han Ye Seul of Couple or Trouble. Hitmaker Lee Kyung Hee of classics I'm Sorry I Love You, A Love to Kill and Thank You penned this compelling 2009 romance. Beautifully shot, wistful, and emotionally complex, Will it Snow This Christmas? is not to be missed. Cha Kang Jin (played by Go Soo) grows up in a poor family, constantly on the move with his brother and mother. Moving to his mother's hometown when Kang Jin is a teenager, his mother, as is her custom, opens up a bar which attracts a mostly-male clientele. Kang Jin, as always, is forced to watch helplessly, getting into fights with other high school students to protect her honor. When he meets Han Ji Wan (Han Ye Seul) in school, a quick attraction springs up, but when he loses his father's pendant, Ji Wan enlists her brother to help find it. Tragedy strikes and Ji Wan leaves town. Eight years later, Kang Jin sees her again - at her engagement party to another man. He's never forgotten the girl whom he cared for and hurt so badly. Now a successful businessman, he discovers that her fiance is his co-worker, and soon the three, as well as Lee Woo Jung (Sun Woo Sun), their boss's daughter, are hopelessly entangled in each other's lives. Ji Wan, however, pretends not to recognize Kang Jin, unwilling to stir up the past, and unbeknownst to both their families have a dark history together... Watch WILL IT SNOW AT CHRISTMAS at DramaFever!