Many Chinese students ship themselves off to Britain or the U.S. for higher education, but the western style of education can differ substantially from China’s education style, and students often struggle to learn English. Unfortunately, many Chinese students who are having trouble with essay writing and happen to be well-off are now resorting to "ghostwriting."

Legions of Chinese students are opting to attend colleges outside China in order to broaden their experiences and inflate their resumes, but the English learning curve is too steep for some, and they resort to scouring the internet for websites that provide ghostwriting, a service where students commission others to write their essays for them.

One advertisement for ghostwriting charges 100£ every thousand words. One British student-turned-ghostwriter says he earns a handsome income from completing an essay in a few days and then gets more business from referrals. Some websites even assure the customer's safety by running the ghostwriter’s product through a computer program that checks for plagiarism.

Unfortunately, ghostwriting has taken its toll because many students graduate barely knowing English. Companies interviewing at these schools have become more skeptical than excited.