K-pop meets Hollywood! SM Entertainment singers Choi Sooyoung and Choi Minho are currently attending New York Fashion Week, and they have been documenting their trip on social media. Yesterday, the idols had the pleasure of meeting two American stars, singer Ciara and actress Chloë Grace Moretz. The Girls' Generation member shared the photos they took with the celebrities and even praised "I Got You" singer Ciara on her Korean.

After that mentioning that Ciara greeted them with a "good morning" in Korean, Sooyoung wrote, "The coolest girl on the block! Your Korean is on point." She added the hashtag #CoachSpring2016 for both photos to let her fans know they met during the brand's Spring 75th anniversary event.

This fall, Choi MinHo will star in the upcoming Onstyle short series titled Because It's the First Time. The show is about young love and relationships. Choi's character is involved in a love triangle when he has to compete with one of his friends to win his crush's heart. The series also stars Twenty Again's Kim Min Jae and Park So Dam. Sign up for new episode alerts to see the series HERE, and check out Minho's character teaser below!

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