Well, this is no way to treat a movie star...statue. The tallest Marilyn Monroe statue in China was recently spotted face down in a dumpsite looking very sad. The gigantic stainless steel statue was found at a garbage dump in Guigang, Guangxi after only six months of being on display.

The 27-foot-tall sculpture was modeled after Monroe's famous scene from The Seven Year Itch and took Chinese professionals two years to make. The giant movie star cast was first unveiled on December 29 of last year and was displayed in a busy commercial center in Guigang to try and attract visitors.

The strangest part of the story is that no one is exactly sure why the statue was mysteriously removed and taken to the garbage pile. Maybe it was because she was showing her underwear, but we don't want to speculate. Follow the pictures down to witness the demise of the massive statue.

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