What could be better than lasers, music and an 18 meter tall Gundam? This is what happened at "The Tokyo Gundam Project 2014: Projection Mapping Industrial Revolution - To the Future," which took place in Diver City Tokyo Plaza, dazzling all.

Just a few days ago, a life-sized Metro Police POTLABOR AV-98 was unveiled at a ceremony in Tokyo Bay. This time, Gundam fans were treated to an even more spectacular show. A life-sized Gundam stood tall, his eyes lighting up in the dark night to start the show. With music playing in the background, various images were projected onto Gundam with the use of lasers. The themes of the show for the night were the co-existence of mankind with nature and technology since the Industrial Revolution, as well as the mapping of energy into the future.

The show unfortunately lasts for only three days, from the 21st to the 23rd of March. It starts from 7PM and ends at 9PM, with shows repeating in 30 minute intervals. That means just four shows a night! Of course there's nothing like being there live, but fortunately we have videos and pictures to keep up with the action!