Comedian and Roommate Lee Gook Joo is dazzling in the October issue of Vogue! With dark lips, lace, leather, and fur, she's showing off every Fall trend in one shoot!

Gook Joo looks fabulous in this Dalmatian-esque dress and all that fluffy around her neck! During her interview with Vogue, she also revealed  that she created a plus-sized clothing website because she was tired of spending a ton of money shopping for clothes in her size online.

Her hair color and makeup are vampy perfection, and I'm all about that guy's side profile on the right.

Season two of Roommate just started, and you can get to know Lee Gook Joo and the rest of the new cast by watching episode 21 below: Get Adobe Flash player

Fur is always fabulous, especially when it's faux! Kisses Gook Joo!!!

These guys are the best props ever used in a photo shoot hands down!

Roommate fans, do you enjoy Gook Joo in the house or not?

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE