Park Shin Hye was hanging out in San Francisco and you didn't even know it! The star of the upcoming K-drama Pinocchio explored various areas of San Francisco while being photographed for the November issue of InStyle Magazine. 

Here, Park Shin Hye is standing on the upper level of a tour bus making it's way through the Union Square area.

Park Shin Hye looks so trendy as she sits with the Palace of Fine Arts behind her.

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Here's a suggestion: If you happen to take one of those tour buses across the Golden Gate Bridge, do not sit on the upper level while crossing! I've never felt so much air hit me in the face in my life. Just stand still like PSH and take a picture.

No clue what area of the city this is, but I do love her outfit and the random Golden Retriever sitting with her. That is a Golden Retriever, right?

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