It's always special to have the recognition of your peers, no matter what field you work in. In the K-pop industry, that acknowledgement can come in the form of idols of the opposite sex recognizing how attractive you are! With that being said, here are four male idols considered to be the hottest, according to the females idols.

In a large and informal survey conducted amongst female idol agents and entertainment reporters, the question "Which male idol do the girls find the most attractive?" was asked. Because those surveyed are constantly spending time with the performers, they are well aware of who everyone's talking about. And from what they've heard, the four guys pictured below are by far and away the most popular amongst the female idols in Korea. (The list is in no particular order.)

1. Park Bo Gum — Not technically an "idol," but girls can't seem to resist this superstar actor for one reason or another — looks, personality, acting, etc.

2. Baekhyun from EXO — The charm he exudes on stage is undeniable to most. 

3. VIXX N — Sexy yet cute, his quirkiness when not performing is what drives girls crazy.

4. Jungkook from BTS — His cute face but manly body is what seems to do it for this boy band idol.

Are you surprised by the list?


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