Sometimes having and maintaining an intimate relationship with another human being can get pretty complicated and difficult, often becoming more of a curse than a blessing. Fully understanding that notion are a growing number of men in China, who are throwing themselves into actual relationships with plastic dolls—taking them on long drives, to restaurants, and even to the movies. The best thing about their relationships? No fighting!

No one should ever judge a relationship between two people that they are not a part of, for the simple fact that you just never know what it's really like when the two people in question are together when no one is around. It's simply nobody's business. Of course, there are obvious exceptions, like if there's any type of abuse going on, but other than that, relationships between two consenting adults is something we always should accept and support. 

Which brings us to the topic at hand—a growing mini-trend in China that involves grown men entering relationships with plastic dolls. Most of the dolls are younger than the men, but the dolls are all of legal age, so there's nothing shady going on here. A majority of the men have been in failed relationships in the past (with real human women), and they don't want to deal with all the trouble of an actual relationship again. But other men claim legitimate reasons for their plastic companions. One man, who's only 29 years old, gave up on marriage and children when he was diagnosed with a large cyst in his head. So now he has a plastic doll by his side at all times, who he raises as his daughter. Another man, who's 54, recently got engaged to a 24-year-old real woman after 12 years of being divorced. Where did he get the confidence to approach his young soon-to-be wife? His doll!

So whatever the reason, these dolls are doing good and helping their boyfriends, fathers, or whoever else, and everybody's happy. Yes, it really is love that makes the world go round.

Old man in the background is like, "What the . . ?"

"Don't worry honey, train will be here soon."

"Love your new haircut!"


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