Girl’s Day's Minah had a cameo in SBS's The Master’s Sun, playing a high school student. [Spoiler Alert: Do not read any further if you haven’t watched Episode 2 of The Master’s Sun, and don't want it spoiled!]

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In the second episode of The Master's Sun, the story follows three friends who are afraid their friend Lee Eun Seol might have died because of them. One of the three friends is played by Minah. Before the broadcast, Minah wrote on her Twtter, “Everyone! Please watch ‘The Master’s Sun’ as it airs.”

Netizens who encountered Minah’s cameo are commenting, “Minah’s high school student acting is perfect,” “Minah’s acting emergence as an act-dol,” “The fine inside of The Master’s Sun episode, Minah’s surprise appearance,” “Gongvely- So Cool and now Minah too.”

(via Nate News)