Three years of digital singles and EPs will leave your fans quite hungry, so you can only imagine the buzz beginning to build around Girl's Day's first album, out a week from today (March 14th). The album, Expectation, is a departure from the Girls we once knew, as group member Hyeri is now of legal age, so the reputation has taken a bit sexier of a turn. Case in point: The message of this cover photo is "Legs legs legs legs!"  Their latest single "Don't Forget Me" served as a reminder that these girls have evolved, both as people and artists, from their 2010 single "Tilt My Head."  Though seven more days of waiting feels brutal, we've snagged the track list to get your excitement into full overdrive: 01. Girl’s Day World (Intro) 02. 기대해 (Expectation) 03. I Don’t Mind 04. Easy Go 05. 그녀를 믿지마 (Don’t Trust Her) 06. White Day 07. 어쩜 좋아 (Oh, Great!) 08. 반짝반짝 (Twinkle Twinkle) 09. 한번만 안아줘 (Hug Me Once) 10. Oh! My God! 11. 나를 잊지마요 (Don’t Forget Me) 12. 너 한눈 팔지마! (Don’t Let Your Eyes Wander!) (Remix Club Ver.) 13. 기대해 (Expectation) (Instrumental) 14. White Day (Instrumental) Are you as pumped as we are?