snsd-girls-generation-snsd-7062180-460-377 Wait, is one of the ladies SNSD headed to the alter? Nope. At least, not any time soon. However, while appearing on Radio Star the girls dished congratulations and well-wishes to Wonder Girls' Sun. The MC quickly turned the tables, asking what would happen if one of SNSD's members were to tie the knot. They said they'd continue on! Taeyeon explained, “If someone gets married, we want to put her own wishes as the number one priority.“ Tiffany said, “I saw that the Spice Girls members came with their husbands to the musical press conferences, and I really want to do that. It’s my dream to go on a vacation together with our husbands and children.”  She is correct, the Spice Girls were able to "have it all"—family & music. Are you eager to see an SNSD member walk down the aisle?