Following Jessica's departure from Girls' Generation, the girls disclose how they feel about each other. This is the first year Girls' Generation is promoting new music as an eight-member group. On July 11, the popular SMTown girl band made an appearance on their fellow member Sunny's radio program MBC FM4U′s Sunny′s FM Date to support their new hit single "Party." She asked the difficult jealousy question. "There are eight girls. They say that when three girls are together, dishes break. So, here have probably been broken dishes and then some. You guys don′t get jealous, do you?"

Hyoyeon was the first to speak up: "We do. We′re girls. We all have [been jealous] at some point, even if it was just for a moment. We′re human too."

Sooyoung chimed in, "It′s not jealousy, but what′s the word.. envy? [It makes me think] ′I have to try like that. If I do this, I′ll be pretty like that.′ It′s a stimulant that helps us out."

Hyoyeon continued with this comment, "I think that′s really good. Each member has something I′m envious of. By trying to make up for those things and learn, I grow. I think that′s a really good thing."

Taeyeon admitted that Seohyun's pretend marriage with Jung Yong Hwa in 2010 on We Got Married made her envious. She quickly ended talk about her virtual marriage to comedian Jung Hyung Don on the series in 2009 by saying he was happily married now. Yoona and Yuri expressed being jealous of Sunny's radio job. 

Girls' Generation's new single "Party" has already topped 8 music charts after being released on July 7. 

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Source: Via Image credit: Girls Generation's Official Facebook Page.