Did you hear the news that Girls' Generation's Tiffany is dating rapper GRAY? Apparently, the news was proved to be false when SM Entertainment disregarded it as a rumor.

Earlier today, a source reported that Girls' Generation's Tiffany and rapper GRAY have been dating for three months. According to the source, they met while discussing Tiffany's solo album and grew close through music as their commonality.

SM Entertainment swiftly clarified that Tiffany is not in a relationship with him. "The two are good colleagues but not in a relationship," an SM representative said. 

GRAY's agency AOMG also clarified that they're not in a romantic relationship at all, though they did meet for Tiffany's solo album. 

GRAY is a talented singer-songwriter who produced Gary's Shower Later and Zion.T's Two Melodies. On Radio Star, GRAY said that he makes pretty good money from royalties, which make up stable monthly income for him. He's one of the few artists contracted with AOMG, which is Jay Park's independent record label.

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