The vampire medical drama Blood is off to a great start, and while the two main leads are still in disdain of each other, a new original soundtrack ballad by Girls' Generation's Tiffany, "Only One," has been released, hinting at romance to come. Watch the official MV complete with English subtitles here.   

"Only One" was co-produced by Park Soo Seok and Park Eun Woo. Its lyrics were written by Park Mi Jung, and it was arranged by In Woo with guitar by Im Sun Ho. The production company stated, “Tiffany’s sentimental voice, which gives the feel of reading a fairy tale, and the fact that she is participating in an OST for the first time in a long time, will become a great gift for the fans, who have been waiting for her.” 

I love the sound of her voice, and I'm sure the song will bring the romance between the characters to life as the drama progresses. What do you think of Blood's new OST? Don't forget to tune in for the latest episode: