Fans want to know, is Girls Generation really wearing Dolce&Gabbana? After GG wore a jazzy white and red ensemble, which was identical to the designer brand's Spring 2015 collection, one fan had to find out if the ladies were wearing the name brand. Today, a Sone tweeted the girl band's stylist this question,  "Are Girls' Generation outfits from the KBS Music Festival copied from Dolce&Gabbana? Or, is it an homage?"

The stylist promptly replied,  "It is an homage. How do you plagiarize something that you have never seen? ... I really liked the way [the outfit] looked. So, we went with the concept and added the hair and red lipstick... If it is so similar that it could be called a copy, then it would be a compliment to our team to say they are the same quality as the brand name's. They manually stitched [the outfit] all night..."

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However, fans were outraged and suspicious after they discovered that the Dolce&Gabbana founders complimented Tiffany on wearing one of their dresses to this year's MAMAs via email. The co-founders commented on how she inspired them. Their stylist's longtime assistant Seo Soo Kyung released the December 10 email to the public.

You be the fashion police. Is Girls' Generation's stylist innocent of all fashion charges brought against them by fans? Do you think it was just a coincidence? 

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