SM The Ballad, which is a series that features cross-group collaboration between vocalists on the SM label, has announced that their second album, Breath, will officially be released on February 13th. Singles from this album will start to be released on February 10th. SM Entertainment has revealed that the first single will feature a Korean duet version of the title song "Breath" by Girl’s Generation’s Tae Yeon and SHINee’s Jong Hyun, followed by more collaborations between SM's top vocalists.

The first single, "Breath," will be followed by Jong Hyun and EXO Chen's duet "One Day" on February 11th, Tae Yeon's solo "Set Me Free" on February 12th, and Chen and F(x) Krystal's duet "The Good and Bad" along with Yesun and Zhoumi's "I Was Greedy" on February 13th. Chinese and Japanese versions of Breath will also be released.

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On February 13th, Tae Yeon and Jong Hyun will perform the title song "Breath" for the first time on the Korean music show M countdown. SM The Ballad plans to show the Chinese version, sung by Chen and Zhang Liyin, onstage at 8 pm on February 14th on the Chinese special program that takes place on the night of the first full moon of the lunar year.