Watch Tom Cruise say "Saranghae" or "I Love You" in Korean! The international superstar was recently interviewed by Girls' Generation's Tiffany when he was promoting the new Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation movie in South Korea. Watch the interview in which Tiffany shows off her English and interviewing skills! And did you know that Koreans have a special nickname for Tom Cruise?

The interview was aired as a part of the August 1st episode of KBS Entertainment Weekly

Tom Cruise was dressed very casually and said he had just arrived early in the morning, receiving a very warm welcome.

After exchanging greetings, the adorable Tiffany asked if Tom Cruise knew Koreans had a nickname for him.

Watch the video here: (Part of it is narrated in Korean, but the interview is all in English.)

So Tom Cruise found out that his Korean nickname is "Mr. Friendly Tom." That's so cute!

Tiffany had a board with photos from every Mission Impossible movie, and Tom recalled his experiences filming and doing his own stunts.

At the end of the interview, Tom Cruise said to Tiffany, “You did great! You’re awesome. You crushed it!”

We agree! It was such a fun interview!

After the interview, Tiffany also shared a cute photo with Tom Cruise on her Instagram:

Did you enjoy the interview? What do you think about Tiffany's interviewing skills?

~ NancyZdramaland

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