Tiffany is sharing secrets! The "Lion Heart" singer is excited about the bright future ahead of her, and she is embracing it with great skin. During a recent interview with InStyle, Tiffany openly shared that she uses a powder-type peeling to exfoliate dead skin once a week and visits the dermatologist every 10 days to maintain her flawless skin. She even tries wearing light makeup these days. 

The staff members at the photo shoot were very impressed by her perfect complexion shining through! The SMTOWN idol, who chose Han Ye Seul as her beauty role model, believes the most beautiful people are the ones who excel at being themselves. 

Regarding her passion for acting, she explained that she has been auditioning for international acting jobs for years. "For the past 2 years, I have been auditioning for various overseas opportunities. I was even selected for a role, but [I] could not pursue due my schedule. I am taking acting classes and have been studying. Now, I really want to start a career as an actress. I hope the I will meet a wonderful opportunity at the perfect time."

Her entire feature can be seen in the March issue of InStyle Korea. What kind of production would you like to see Tiffany make her acting debut? 

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