A new game available from the iTunes store lets you turn into a doctor and perform a C-section on a pregnant Anna from Frozen on your phone, and best of all, it's free!

This new game, developed by a man named Oleg Vinogorodov, is called Anna Giving Birth, and it is available on the iTunes store. The game's premise is a simple one. Anna is very pregnant and in need of a doctor to help her deliver her baby by way of C-section. You will be provided with the surgical tools plus a magical wand and energy ball. Sounds kind of fun, I guess, but unlike a real birth, this one lasts only about a minute. If you succeed, and it's apparently not that hard, Anna will give birth to a beautiful baby, and just like that, it's game over.

But people go crazy for anything Frozen, and that includes this crazy game. If interested, the game is all yours, too. No medical school necessary, and you can become the doctor who aids Anna as she has her weird-looking baby.

Time for your help Doctor

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