Kim Da Hee, member of the K-pop girl group GLAM and actress from Monstar, has come forward and admitted she tried to blackmail superstar Lee Byung Hun.

This all started back in June when Da Hee and "B," a model who is currently not identified were having drinks and "lewd discussions" with Lee Byung Hun. Apparently, Da Hee and "B" are friends of some of Lee Byung Hun's friends, so that's how everyone knows each other; But during their little get together, a cell phone was busy video recording everything. It was then in August when the two girls attempted to blackmail Lee Byung Hun with the recording. They threatened to release everything to the public if he didn't give them 5 billion won, which is close to 5 million USD.

Lee Byung Hun reported the blackmail on August 28th to the Gangnam Police Department, and on September 2nd and 3rd (local time), Da Hee was questioned. She admitted to the blackmail attempt and apologized for it. A representative from her agency Big Hit Entertainment stated that Da Hee "seemed to be struggling mentally and is currently in a state of daze. I don't think she knew that the incident would get to this point." Currently the Gangnam police have "requested an arrest warrant for Da Hee."

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We'll update you on Da Hee's status when more information becomes available, but what about Lee Byung Hun? Am I the only one wondering what he was doing with two young girls drinking and having so-called "lewd discussions" with them when he's married to Lee Min Jung? Hmm...

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE