Edo Wonderland Nikko is a historical theme park in Tochigi Prefecture. It is known for recreating life in the city of Edo (present day Tokyo) during the Edo Period, also known as the Tokugawa Period, which lasted from 1603-1868. For the first time, they are keeping the park open after dark, letting visitors experience the Tokyo nightlife of over three hundred years ago.

Ever since it opened its doors in 1986, Edo Wonderland Nikko has hosted millions of visitors from Japan and all around the world, bringing them as close as you can get to being in the Tokyo of the past. Before it was called Tokyo, this metropolis was known as Edo, the same name as the period when the city flourished. With streets and architecture resembling the way it was in certain areas of the city, visitors can get on rides, watch performances, and even snack on treats of the past. Almost at its thirtieth year in existence, the educational value, along with its offerings of fun and amusement, is why Nikko Edomura is still frequented by so many. Where else can you go see samurai walking around?

For the first time in history, the theme park is keeping the park open after dark (only for three more weekends), and it has special attractions and shows to entertain the visitors. Edo at night is completely different than it is during the day. Entertainers come out to the streets, the paths get lit up, and there is even a live-action nighttime ninja show. It's Tokyo nightlife, Edo Period Style.

The one drawback is that all this fun ends at eight o'clock. How cool would it be if they kept the park open a few more hours, or maybe even all night?

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Bound to see a samurai somewhere..

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