When K-drama costars become lovers, it usually happens on the filming set. Actors Jung In Sun and Lee Yi Kyung are an exception. They didn’t play lovers in Go Go Waikiki, and started dating way before the show’s premiere. Let's find out more!

Ki Young and In Sun met through a friend and have been dating for a year, according to HB Entertainment’s statement.

If they were seeing each other before Go Go Waikiki, then how did they become costars? It was simply by chance! Both Yi Kyung and In Sun had auditioned and won their parts as Joon Ki and Yoon Ah, respectively.

When they started working on Go Go Waikiki, they didn’t meet for dates while filming at all. They didn’t want word about their relationship to spread for many reasons. Most importantly, they worried about the possibility of their dating news impacting the show in a negative way. They also wanted to stay in character, especially since their characters were romantically involved with other characters on the show.

The costars have been really diligent about keeping their relationship a secret. Incidentally, the last episode of Go Go Waikiki airs today. Tonight, you’ll watch “the most Waikiki-like ending,” according to the drama’s production team.

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Source: Sports Chosen and OSEN


Go Go Waikiki

Starring Kim Jung Hyun (1990) and Go Won Hee

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