You may not actually be going to Hawaii, but we think this new drama is so enjoyable that it at least makes you feel like you're on vacation. Thanks for visiting us here at the Waikiki Go Go Drama Club. Join Akua, Kate, and me (Logan) as we get to know the inhabitants of the Waikiki Guest House and the mishaps they experience on a daily basis. From awkward "first kisses" to unfortunate facial hair incidents there is never a dull moment in this house.

Akua: Alooooooooha! I don’t know about you guys out there in KDramaland but I’ve never seen a drama kick off that’s this funny! I haven’t laughed so hard in weeks! I am so excited to be joining you, Logan and you, Kate as we follow the madness of 3 guys, 2 girls and the most adorable baby ever! What about you two?

Logan: I have to say I was completely surprised and caught off guard by the direction of this drama, but I did not mind it one bit. I was expecting a light-hearted rom-com and instead was surprised by this powerfully hilarious sitcom. It really feels more like a Western sitcom than most of the Kdramas I’ve seen and while some of the antics seem over the top, they made me laugh so hard that I cried several times.

Kate: I’ve watched a few too many revenge/suspense/melodramas lately and was very excited to start a comedy. I was so pleasantly surprised at how good this one was so quickly. The characters (except for maybe Doo Shik) are already given some depth and motivation, Yoon Ah compelling (what led her to leave her baby, and there of all places?!) and Seol adorable. Even Soo Ah, who I’d usually expect to dislike because of “bad girlfriend” stereotypes that K-dramas rely on way too much, is a character I look forward to knowing better and have some sympathy for.

Akua: So far, my favorite character has to be Joon Ki! Starting from the opening scene when he comes down the stairs complaining about the water being turned off as a joke to when he’s got the curler in his hair the first time they meet Sol all the way to his scenes as the mutant, I’m loving his out-of-the box, sooo extra, dramatic but good-hearted self! I’m having a hard time feeling good vibes from Dong Goo and Yoon Ah though because they’re both annoying to me. I have no connection to Doo Shik so far. What do you guys think about each of our main guys?

Logan: What excites me about this drama, apart from the comic genius, is that it is full of up and coming new Kdrama actors who are incredible. Kim Jung Hyun, who plays Dong Gu, blew me away in School 2017 and is the main reason I really wanted to watch this drama. He isn’t disappointing at all. Dong Gu may not have shown us all of his good sides yet, but I have faith he will. In the meantime, I’m really enjoying watching Kim Jung Hyun’s portrayal. The other male actors are just as brilliant. The casting is perfect in my opinion.

Kate: Maybe it is far too early, but I was wondering from the start where the love lines would start to fall. I hoped that Joon Ki would get a little love, but I think that it looks like Dong Gu’s heartbreak and gruff exterior might just set up a triangle between him, Yoon Ah and Soo Ah. Then there’s poor, poor Chewbacca. I’m not sure yet if her sunbae is here to stay, especially after learning her secret. Maybe Joon Ki or Doo Shik may develop some feelings for her, if they aren’t already harboring a secret crush. Only time and more storyline will tell!

Akua: Not only is this drama side-splittingly funny, each of our characters is unapologetically quirky. They may have some issues (poor Chewbacca) but they’re not depressing like other Kdrama characters who may be in similar situations. They have issues like all of us but don’t blame the world or suffer from deep, dark secrets [insert melodramatic piano music here] that keep them from being themselves. They argue, yell, shout, eat, drink and poop with a gusto for life! They like themselves. It’s so refreshing to see characters who are unique and embracing it. I also love that we aren’t persuaded about the romances yet. In other dramas, the writers want you to cheer for one and hate another so they write the characters and the plots in such a way that you can predict what’ll happen but not here! It’s wacky, zany and I’m loving it!

Logan: I don’t see any strongly obviously love lines yet, but I do see some hints. I think that something will happen between Seo Jin and Doo Sik - that’s my prediction. I also imagine that Dong Gu and Yoon Ah will also have a love line. It’s a kdrama after all. Lol. I agree, Akua, about how quirky and loveable these characters are. Each one is so unique yet somehow relatable. They make these bizarre quirks that they have seem so human that you can understand them even if you’re nothing like them. This is definitely a character-driven drama more than it is a plot-driven drama. I’m not quite sure where the plot’s going so far or if there really is a strong one.

Kate: All of us have been dumped at some point, and felt like Dong Gu. Or not gotten the job we wanted, like all of the Waikiki guys, or felt incredibly alone--though maybe not as entirely alone as single mother and orphan--like Yoon Ah, or had something about ourselves we were embarrassed about like Seo Jin. I mean, I’ve never been a wolf man in public for my job, but I’ve definitely sacrificed pride once in a while to keep a job, or been unsure of my place at work like Doo Sik. The situations are unique and universal all at once.

Akua: Kate, that’s a great point! All the characters have something that represents a life event or personality issue that we’ve all experienced. Just like Logan said, they’re all relatable! Who is also here for all the perfectly coordinated sound effects and quick camera cuts though? When Sol poops the first time? When Yoon Ah nonchalantly pops out her breast and everyone turns away? When the sales woman at the baby store is talking about breast pumps or open side dresses and Dong Gu and Joon Ki look traumatized? When anyone says something and Sol makes a face? Or all the awkward glances, pauses and crazy faces when people are just doing the wildest things? High five to the director for how they’re filming this! Yaaaaaass!

Logan: Kate, you put that so well! They are so universal. I almost forgot about how much I was loving the directing - the first thing I noticed was in one of the first scenes they guys were looking at the camera laughing and the camera panned out and transitioned to the next scene. It was so cool! And another transition where the next scene begins to appear in Dong Gu’s couple ring as it’s flying through the air. High five to the director is right! I’m really looking forward to see what other directing surprises they have in store for us.

Kate: There are a number of neat directorial choices that fit well with the characters and situation. Of course three guys who dream of making a big movie would see their lives a bit like a movie. I always liked it when the blocking and the cinematography would suggest film tropes, like the triumphant march back home from the grocery store with the milk powder, or the chase after Yoon Ah. So far, even with all the silly and funny situations, the only thing that’s bothered me is wondering how they were ever able to get the water bill paid and the water turned back on before their first set of guests noticed there was no water. Not that it bothered me a lot. I mean, does the water company come out to your house to turn the water back on late at night? I realize that this concern is a tad silly for a sitcom, but it was nagging at me a little. And how did that porta-potty fit in their door?

Akua: I did wonder how they paid for the water and electric as well. Where did they store the port-a-potty? I suppose every drama has some unexplained plot lines but I’m hoping this one doesn’t have too many. My mind tends to notice these discrepancies and if there are too many, the drama will start to lose my attention. Other than those though, I don’t have too many questions right now - which is good. It means that the plot is moving along nicely and the characters are making sense. I can fully enjoy the drama rather than wonder what in the world I just saw!

Logan: I think part of the reason it feels so much like a sitcom is because they don’t explain those little things like they normally would. The why and how isn’t as important as the what. They kind of throw the situation out there with little explanation and so far it’s working because it’s just so funny. I can tell this drama is going to be the highlight of my week.

Kate: I’m already glad that I’m going to get to be a part of this little family for the next couple of months too. Glad enough to kiss someone on the cheek, even. (Wink, wink)

Akua: If it’s one thing this whole drama has, it’s unexpected moments of hilarity. It just might make me run around a parking lot with my face covered by my shirt for sheer happiness! *tee hee* In the midst of one of the coldest, grayest winters I’ve experienced in a few years, this Kdrama is a ray of sunshine! What about you guys out there in dramaland? What do you think about our little family? Are you just as excited as we are? Let us know your thoughts by dropping a comment below!


Go Go Waikiki

Starring Kim Jung Hyun (1990) and Go Won Hee

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