Alooooha Waikikians! It’s only been a week since we last saw you but we missed you! We’re glad to see you AND glad to have some new episodes to talk about! We all feel the warm fuzzies after seeing our little family back together! Just what kind of madness will they get into now? Will Yoon Ah accept Dong Gu? Will Joon Ki have to keep peeing in a bottle? Will Dong Gu ever get some sleep? Will Seo Jin share what’s in her heart? Will Soo Ah do ANY kind of studying? When will Sol get her academy award? Join Kate, Logan and myself as we discuss all this and more on this week’s recap of “Go, Go, Waikiki”!

Kate: Wow, though we had to wait an extra week for our new episodes, it sure didn’t take long for Yoon Ah to reject Dong Gu’s confession of his feelings for her. He couldn’t believe that she didn’t even seem to take the time to think about it. While I think there’s something more complicated going on, I had mixed feelings about what came next. It’s not very respectful of boundaries if you keep pushing someone after they’ve made it clear they don’t want to date you. I wanted to tell Dong Gu to slow down and back off. At the same time, it looked like Yoon Ah might just be rejecting him because she thinks she doesn’t deserve to devote energy to dating right now and doesn’t want to get her heart broken again, not out of lack of feelings for Dong Gu. That doesn’t mean her decision doesn’t deserve some respect, though.

Akua: FiSe! Joon Ki and Doo Shik are so mean but in that classic “little boys being boys” way with how they dissed Dong Gu. As usual Soo Ah was there with the latest gossip. How does she manage to always be “on the spot” like that? Whether it’s assembling toys or dishing the dirt, she’s always there to throw a wrench in the situation! SMH. Anyway, to your point Kate - I think Dong Gu needs to reassess and get to know Yoon Ah more. From what we’ve seen, he hasn’t spent much time with her, you know? I would be upset too if a guy hadn’t taken the time to get to know me but professed his love for me in the street! On the other hand, Yoon Ah should tell him the truth.

Logan: I think Dong Gu was so anxious to act on his feelings once he finally came to terms with them that he didn’t really think much about the method he was using. To me, he’s always seemed like the type of person to act right away once he’s made up his mind. When Doo Sik told him that he needed to try again, I think he took it to heart. If he’d realized it would make Yoon Ah more uncomfortable, I truly believe he wouldn’t have done it. As always in Kdramas, it’s the classic lack of communication that prevents our leads from being together. I understand Yoon Ah’s fears and trust that eventually she’ll be able to tell Dong Gu how she feels. I mean...hopefully. Lol.

Kate: She definitely seemed touched when she realized how far out of his way he went to have sausage with her, and seemed amused by the airplane ride he gave her after getting ridiculously drunk with his “competition” for Yoon Ah’s affections. I think I must have snorted when I saw that airplane ride. Dong Gu definitely should not be drinking heavily. Joon Ki and Doo Sik earned the friend points they lost teasing him about the five second rejection by cleaning up after Dong Gu when he peed himself while drunk. I was glad to see that he was working hard at his new job, though. I also was so incredibly happy for Joon Ki when he finally got a good part. How touching was it to see him look so happy and relieved that he cried while holding his script? And then to see the gang offer him cake and even Dong Gu call him from work to congratulate him? All that hard work is finally paying off for the guys. Now Doo Sik just needs to catch a break somewhere. Maybe zombie Bruce Lee will finally get him some attention? Or not….

Akua: Ohhhhh, for the first time, we saw a deeper more vulnerable side to Joon Ki! For him to start crying over the script? Ugh! I wanted to cry too. If they had stayed on him for a few more minutes, I’m sure a tear would have sneaked down my cheek! Sniff Sniff….hold’s not me’s...just...these..oniiiions… Waaaaaaah! He’s been working so hard for so long only to get bit parts that more often than not end up being cut short or making him look silly. He’s been fighting for his love of theater all 10 episodes. It’s lovely to finally have him get a break! I noticed that Seo Jin was conspicuously not there during the mini-celebration even though Dong Gu barked congratulations over the phone. Teehee. Dong Gu warmed my heart this week. It was nice to see his sweetness because he’s always so curt with everyone. I’m glad we get to see the lengths he takes to see Yoon Ah. Aegyooooo!

Logan: I think it really hit me this week just how much I love this drama. Not that I haven’t known this all along, but I really realized this is one that’s going to go in my Kdrama recommendation hall of fame. All my Kdrama friends are going to be told to watch this. Okay, realistically I’ve already told most them to watch it. Lol. But what really made me come to this realization is when I saw the characters continually taking care of each other this week - from the way they celebrated Joon Ki’s role to how they didn’t even have to think twice about cleaning up Dong Gu’s pee. They really sell the whole feeling like a family piece and to me that’s the foundation for a really good ensemble drama. All that to say, my heart was really warmed by all that this week too. I can’t get enough of these characters interacting with each other. In fact I get kind of annoyed when anyone from outside the house comes in because I really just want more of the central characters together. Lol.

Kate: Seo Jin and Joon Ki were also adorable. I was glad they didn’t stick to the Seo Jin dating Joon Ki’s hearing damaged friend for too long - I wanted the story to come back to the main group too, Logan. It was nice to see him realize she had been supporting him by writing those online fan comments that had kept him going through all the hard times with his career, and then for him to realize that he didn’t want to lose his chance to be with her. I was smitten with how cute and excited they were to go on a date and then he remembered once again why he had hesitated in the first place; he sees her as the little sister of his best friend. Emphasis on the little. I loved the actress they had playing young Seo Jin. The image of the little girl just helped bring it home how jarring it was for Joon Ki to reframe how he saw Seo Jin. I was worried that this storyline would end in an uncomfortable (and way too soon) break up, or more uncomfortable time of him seeing her as a child. Things changed really fast when Seo Jin took charge and kissed him! My bet is that they will be the happy and solid couple for the rest of the show, barring a little drama when Dong Gu figures out they are dating and serious.

Akua: You’re right Logan - I get so caught up with the house that I don’t care about anything outside. It’s odd actually. This is the first time I’ve noticed it. The ensemble melds together with such harmony that I never think about other characters except to see how their presence will affect the family! Hunh, pretty cool. I, too, Kate, love how cute Joon Ki and Seo Jin are! Do you remember how Seo Jin got mad at Dong Gu when he came back from Sokcho with the squid and made fun of Joon Ki? O Em Geee, how adorbs! But wait, that picture of them on the dresser? Why did Jun Ki have soooo much hair? Hahahahaha! Oh and who was happy that Doo Sik finally went off on Soo Ah? Me, me, meeee! *raises both hands*.

Logan: I didn’t even realize how much I wanted Seo Jin and Joon Ki to be together until Joon Ki said he’d give it a try. My heart swelled just as it would have if my favorite lead OTP got together. So when things started to looking shaky, with him unable to see her as a woman I was getting really disappointed, but thankfully Seo Jin took the reigns with the kiss and I think Joon Ki won’t have that problem anymore. Haha. I didn’t mind Yoon Ah’s chef friend, Hyun Joon, at first, but now I can’t stand him. He’s just a hurdle. He seemed to understand Yoon Ah’s feelings for Dong Gu at first and respect them, but now he seems like he’s competing with Dong Gu and he can just that guest house and never come back in my opinion.

Kate: The competition is a little funny. I mean, who won a woman’s heart by playing a winning jacks game? It also seems to be a slightly better place for Dong Gu to put his energy and frustration into rather than placing more pressure on Yoon Ah. But yes Logan, it’s just a hurdle that Yoon Ah and Dong Gu have to get over/through before they get together. Our third “couple” though? I’m not sure they are going to get together yet, but I’m glad to see them play off one another. It was a little sad to see that catching Soo Ah’s thieving ex didn’t help solve any of her money problems, but Doo Sik helped her to find her confidence again. I don’t think Soo Ah is really cut out for college, but hopefully she’ll find some way to earn a living that suits her talents. Doo Sik’s tutoring can go only so far, and yes, Akua, I would have lost my patience with Soo Ah long before Doo Sik did.

Akua: Every situation is classic, ladies! So over the top but also believable! Soo Ah’s ex had the worst Thai accent ever! Eeeeveeer! It was nice to see Soo Ah proactive about catching him even when the police weren’t doing anything. I loved how she stood up to the bullying restaurant owner by treating him just as she treated Doo Sik. It brought out another, kinder side of her that made me feel less annoyed but then she pissed me off when she lied about dating Dong Gu to her brother, putting everyone in more trouble. Dong Gu already has enough difficulty proving his love to Yoon Ah but now he’s pretending that he and Soo Ah will get married?! If she hadn’t lied, my Joon Ki wouldn’t have been stuck for nearly two days crunched up in a ball in a bureau!!! Have you ladies noticed that characters lie all the time so they don’t disappoint other people and then the lie backfires right in everyone’s faces??

Logan: I’ve grown really attached to Soo Ah. In the beginning we only saw her negative side, but she’s just as much a part of the house as anyone else now. She even cares about Dong Gu still. It’s nice that they are able to be friends without things being too weird between them. She and Doo Sik are a slightly strange pairing and I don’t think we’ll see this pair-up built up as strongly as the other two couples who have been ramping up since the beginning of the drama, but still they are cute together and they help bring the best out of each other. Soo Ah helps Doo Sik stand up for himself and he helps her to have some ambition. I think they’re good for each other. You’re so right, Akua, there are a lot of lies. Joon Ki is the king of lies himself. Going from lying about dying to pretending to be his own twin. Lol. That was some pretty quick thinking on his part - and to think he could have prevented being stuck in the closet for 2 days if he’d only used that lie earlier Haha.

Kate: I just hope that Dong Gu won’t beat up Joon Ki too much when he discovers that he and Seo Jin are dating. I bet they won’t be able to keep it quiet for long, and it would be a shame for Joon Ki to get beat up again so soon. No, he doesn’t have a lot of luck with those lies, Logan and Akua. They may be better off confessing to Dong Gu straight off. But I doubt they will. I’m also hoping Yoon Ah gets a little more development next week too. I feel like she didn’t get as much attention this week as the other characters did, and I would like to keep getting to know her better too. I also want to see some more of Sol, the sweetie.

Akua: I missed Sol too! She’s a great actress. I doubt the lies will stop any time soon, ladies. Hehehehe. These guys react so fast to situations - coming up with wild explanations! Oh my. Sometimes their craziness even gets rewarded! Did you see how every time Dong Gu is caught up in his feelings about Yoon Ah at work, he’s asked a question and responds with something wild that the director uses? Hahahaha! Or that Dong Gu would have a classmate or was it a Sunbae, who could teach him about jacks? No matter what trouble they’re in or about to be in, something lovely happens for them to pull them out right in the nick of time or not in the case of the landlady and Soo Ah’s older brother! I just love how they do everything with their whole hearts! I also love all the famous guest actors on each episode! I can’t wait to see how next week rolls now that Hyun Joon has confessed his feelings for our Yoon Ah!

That’s it for us this week. What did YOU think about this week’s episodes, Waikikians? Drop us a line below!

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