Hello and thanks for joining us for this week’s Go Go Waikiki Drama Club. This week relationships are forged and relationships are tested as our characters go through yet another round of hilarious situations. From Dong Gu and Hyun Joon’s rivalry that takes some unexpected turns, to Seo Jin and Joon Ki’s freshly birthed romance encountering some speed bumps, and a very unfortunate incident involving Doo Shik, Su Ah, and Rebecca – there is never a dull moment in the Waikiki Guest House. Join Kate, Akua, and me (Logan) as we talk about this new favorite drama of mine.

Kate: This week’s episodes gave me a new experience. Joon Ki has been my favorite character pretty much every week, but not this week. While I enjoyed Joon Ki’s scenes as I usually do, I think that Dong Gu was my favorite character to watch in episodes thirteen and fourteen. His distracted strokes of genius at work have been so funny, but I think that putting an air gun in bread has been the best thus far. He was so silly, removing the inside of the bread to see if he could shove that air gun into the bread. I’m not even going into all of the zany competition going on between him and Hyun Joon yet that started with them playing a bit dirty, moved onto some new ground with Dong Gu’s insistence for fair play, and after they spent the day together with Yoon Ah they just might be on track for a brand new bromance.

Akua: I agree with you Kate! Dong Gu got fleshed out more for me this week. He’s not just a fire-breathing, quick-tempered, over-protective older brother but legitimately as crazy as everyone else! Between his wild facial expressions, hilarious internal monologue and constant attempts to out-do Hyun Joon, I could not help but fall down laughing. So I wanna start off with Joon Ki and Seo Jin’s illicit affair and Dong Gu’s red flags. First of all, why does he have a Bo Staff at home? I mean who has a Bo Staff just chilling up in the crib? *raises eyebrows* He looks every inch the disapproving father when he sits there cross-examining them. I even thought Joon Ki was being paranoid about Dong Gu the morning he waited in hiding then grabbed Seo Jin but lo and behold, he was on point! Dong Gu was right on Seo Jin’s track like the Ring Wraiths from Lord of the Rings! Creeeeepy yet comical!

Logan: I’ve been entertained by Dong Gu’s facial expressions and childish but endearing actions for quite some time now. In some ways he’s the glue that holds the Waikiki House together, but as you pointed out Akua, he’s just as crazy (if not more sometimes) as everyone else in the house. The rivalry between Hyun Joon and he is certainly getting more intense. At first I thought Hyun Joon just might be giving him a hard time to push Dong Gu and Yoon Ah together more, but not I can see Hyun Joon is serious about trying to win Yoon Ah over too. I hope Yoon Ah realizes what’s happening before any of them gets too hurt. She seems completely oblivious to the fact that they’re competing for her affection.

Kate: Su Ah knows what’s up though. It was a small moment, but she totally understood what was going on when Yoon Ah came home with the guys after their day out. I wonder if she plans on cueing her in, or if Yoon Ah will have to figure it out on her own? I suppose I can imagine her not noticing though, seeing as that she’s been so busy learning and practicing so many different types of home repair and welding??? Yoon Ah’s become quite the capable worker at the guest house. Dong Gu was not very successful at finding her a chore she hadn’t completed when he was trying to keep her away from the bakery.

Akua: What I think is also gripping is the way the lines are delivered, particularly in the scenes that you mentioned Kate - where Dong Gu is quizzing Yoon Ah about her chores. She knows what he says even before he says it and he can’t dispute anything. Hahaha. No matter how hard he tries to keep her home, even if it means sinking so low as to pretend to be hurt to gain her affection! Did you guys catch that little smirk she had when she left Dong Gu on the ground after he “fell” down outside the guesthouse? I hope that means she is starting to to recognize how much Dong Gu likes her, Logan, or I’m just going to scream. How much longer is she going to be oblivious? Or is she choosing not to see it because she’s so focused on being stable for her and Sol?

Logan: I also hope she has realized Dong Gu’s feelings, but it makes me a little sad seeing her, Dong Gu, and Hyun Joon on an unintentional date - knowing someone’s likely to get their heart a little broken. However, those scenes were unbelievably hilarious. Two rivals in love riding a tandem bike together while wearing matching shirts. And then to make it even better they enter a couple contest together and Hyun Joon carries Dong Gu home! I feel like only in the Waikiki Guest House could something like that happen. Hyun Joon is a good guy, I just wish we could see him as a character other than Dong Gu’s rival because I really like him but how can I root against my OTP? Lol.

Kate: I think there may be some hurt feelings at the end of this situation, but I don’t think they’ll last long. Dong Gu and Hyun Joon will need to realize that they’ve found friendship in each other, and that will be a comfort. I mean, now that they’ve each seen the other with their pants around their ankles, that’s bound to create intimacy, right? Or at the very least, both of them has taken care of the other in a bind now, and I think they will see more value in each other as they pursue Yoon Ah. They also looked so cute in the couple shirts on the bike together. Logan, their budding bromance may be my new OTP.

Akua: Hyun Joon is so much more the kind of guy you would want in real life - I mean he even showcased Yoon Ah’s muffins - but you can’t help but root for Dong Gu! He and Hyun Joon keep circling each other like alpha male lions while lioness Yoon Ah just keeps baking muffins and buying the most inappropriate gifts. Who honestly wants a large elephant head hat? Oh Yoon Ah! I want Doo Sik to wear that hat on a regular basis. I think it would be perfect for the online promotions of the online mall he and Su Ah have started! Although he was rather dashing garbed in her red coat. *smirk* Can you guys believe what happened in that Rebecca?!

Logan: Yoon Ah seems to lack common sense in some areas, but her naivety also gives her the sweet innocence that makes her a loveable addition to the Waikiki house. Personally, I thought the elephant head hat was awesome and I agree, Akua, I would love to see Doo Shik wear it for the rest of the drama. Haha. But that situation in Rebecca was awful and so embarrassing for them both. Poor Su Ah who was to the point of getting ready to jump out of the moving vehicle. I was more worried they’d get hurt at first, being in a car with no brake and a broken gas pedal. But instead physically they were okay, but mentally will they ever be the same? Lol.

Kate: Yoon Ah’s ability to pick gifts is only slightly better than her rapping skills. But it’s the thought that counts, no? Heavens, Akua and Logan, I couldn’t believe that anyone other than Joon Ki was still willing to drive in Rebecca after what happened last time. That car isn’t fit for trash. Su Ah and Doo Sik have definitely been thrown together quite a bit. She has her own kind of naivety too. I can’t believe she took down the guy holding up the store for free publicity. That takes a bit of courage and a bit of ignorance of how much danger she put herself in. Between that and their harrowing experience in Rebecca, though, I imagine she and Doo Sik have become much closer. I’m not sure if that will just mean a deeper friendship or a romance. There are some things romantic attraction can’t recover from, and an adventure that ends in two people having to figure out who gets the one square of toilet paper may just be one of them.

Akua: BWAHAHAHAHAHA. When the Rebecca’s brakes started falling off, I knew it was a wrap. It was only a matter of time before something tragic happened to them but I would never have imagined that their bowels would have given up and showed out like that during the ride. How nasty was that? Can you even imagine the foul odor in that car given the broken windows? I’m cracking up just thinking about that. I still don’t see them as a romantic couple tho - just good friends. I’m sure they will never breath a word of this to the others! I know I wouldn’t! My goodness! Joon Ki had some harrowing moments too but they weren’t as bad as Doo Sik and Su Ah! What did you guys think when that car hit him? I gasped out loud!

Logan: I’m a fan of Su Ah and Doo Shik together. Su Ah grows on me more and more each episode and I really admired her bravery in the face of being held at gunpoint - even if she did use the opportunity to shamelessly self-promote her online shopping mall. But hey, sometimes you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. The fact that Doo Shik was willing to give her the only square of toilet paper says something about his character, no matter how silly the scene was. I almost forgot about Joon Ki getting hit by the car. That definitely should have warranted a trip to the emergency room!

Kate: Joon Ki is a really fast sprinter. He sure did get away from Dong Gu pretty quickly each time they were caught. What got to me about that storyline, though, since the car accident was more or less played for laughs, is the number of actor friends they kept bringing in to play Seo Jin’s “boyfriend” or the guy she was kissing on the street. I had a hard time believing that it made more sense or Dong Gu was happier thinking that Seo Jin was going around kissing guys willy nilly rather than dating his longtime friend. Dong Gu’s threats of death about them dating is starting to get on my nerves, though. Seo Jin is an adult woman. She can date who she wants. Dong Gu doesn’t own her. At least the threats helped Joon Ki to motivate himself in his acting, though. I would have lost it if Joon Ki was fired from his first big role because he couldn’t stop giggling at his sunbae for mispronouncing his character’s name. All those scary Dong Gus showing up on set were spooky and funny at once.

Akua: I was not happy with Seo Jin this week. I only just met Joon Ki and I know that being silly in his regular life is who he is and that translates into his extroversion in his roles. I felt it was unfair of her to demand that he change himself to fit what she felt was an appropriate boyfriend. Her friends were clearly taken by him and thought he was a great guy. Why Seo Jin couldn’t see that is beyond me. She was being totally selfish, however I didn’t like the way they resolved the situation. It would have been better if Joon Ki decided to break off the relationship because he couldn’t be himself and Seo Jin had at least one episode to reflect on her attitude. The medical scene didn’t make sense. In fact, I thought that the doctor was one of Joon Ki’s acting friends!! It would have been better if the doctor had said that Joon Ki’s weak heart had been stressed out and he went to see a psychiatrist with some kind of weirdness (like all the other outsiders) who diagnosed him. Or even better a sexy psychiatrist who liked Joon Ki and made Seo Jin jealous!!! Wouldn’t that have been perfect? How come no one asked me to write for the show???

Logan: I wasn’t happy with Seo Jin either. Everyone knows you can’t date/marry someone expecting them to change themselves. You need to accept them for who they are. I’m hoping that her intentions in asking him to stop acting silly is because she saw it as antics and a way to make people like him when she likes the Joon Ki that he is under all that - the caring, sweet side of him. Still, even if that’s where she was coming from you have to let him be himself. It’s not like he asked her to get laser surgery to remove her hair. She was the same way with her boyfriend at the beginning of the show. Even though his habits were a little more gross, she still decided she was in love with him and then tried to change him. Girl needs to learn not to do that.

Kate: I can understand it a bit when she or someone else gets frustrated with the guys when they’re playing around rather than working or doing their chores or to avoid work or chores, but otherwise who cares? Isn’t it just the same if they’re getting the sweeping done while curling? Yes, I’d be a little worried that their game of swelton might end with property damage, but as long as they practice a little caution, what’s wrong with letting the guys have their own fun? Seo Jin knew who Joon Ki was when they started dating, she knew who she was signing on to date better than most people would. I can forgive her reaction to the nose picking a little bit more, though she did go just a little too far with that. Maybe her facial hair has made her a bit more than sensitive to what others think about her and how she is seen by others?

Akua: I felt sad for Joon Ki this week - he had some serious moments including finding out that the commercial he so wanted was given to his sunbae through connections that the sunbae had. Their competition during dinner was funny though. When sunbae started with his Goblin rendition to ask for more rice, I was done! #done, I tell you. I love how Goblin references are everywhere nowadays, but that’s a side note. I wish we could see more of Sol tho. Am I the only one?

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