It can be hard not to wear your heart on your sleeve when your feelings run deep. This week Seo Jin and Joon Ki’s coupledom went public, Doo Sik’s feelings for Mal Geum were still obvious because of his deep affection for a pair of tennis shoes she gifted him, and Yoon Ah finally figured out that she really does like Dong Gu. All in all, it was not a bad week for love, no? Join Logan, Akua, and me, Kate, as we discuss episodes fifteen and sixteen of Go Go Waikiki.

Logan: As to be expected, nothing that the Waikiki housemates attempts ever goes as planned so I knew we were going to be in for some fun antics when Joon Ki and Seo Jin planned their weekend getaway. And in true Kdrama/Waikiki fashion everyone decided to make their trip away to the same guest house. The lengths that Seo Jin and Joon Ki had to go to to keep their relationship hidden while staying there turned out to be pretty hysterical - especially when Joon Ki stole the suitcase of Su Ah’s that he thought Seo Jin was in but it turned out just to be full of clothes. Lol.

Kate: Because there are only so many places to go for a retreat in Korea, right? It was funny that not only Seo Jin and Joon Ki happened to pick the same place as Dong Gu, but that it was also the place Hyun Joo picked as well. I thought it was a little funny Dong Gu was talking about a guest house with home baked bread…the triple coincidence was a little too much, but I was willing to go with it. Especially to see Joon Ki perform his “magic trick” of making the pork belly dinner disappear piece by piece so he could feed the hiding Seo Jin. I call foul on those clothes though. Seo Jin’s tiny, but there’s no way those clothes would feel the same weight as her in a suitcase. There needed to be a bunch more clothes, maybe some boots and bricks or something. I will say, though, I’m glad it brought the Seo Jin/Joon Ki romance out in the open. I was tired of the sneaking around and the threats by Dong Gu.

Akua: I knew a monkey wrench was going to be thrown into the love bird’s vacation plans so it didn’t surprise me that Dong Gu’s Workshop was at the same place. After all, Seo Jin and Dong Gu are siblings so they share some of the same tastes and personality traits, but when Hyun Joo showed up? That was unexpected! So was Dong Gu causing the accident that led to the owner’s accident. I think there’s an accident every episode!

Logan: Joon Ki must have just been too caught up in the moment. It was funnier still when he went back for the second suitcase - as if Su Ah and Doo Sik didn’t already think he was mad. I was a little panicked for Seo Jin’s sake when the suitcase ended up in the pool but the way Joon Ki dove after it showed that he really has intense feelings for her. Thankfully he was able to convince Dong Gu of his sincerity and it really didn’t take all that long for Dong Gu to approve which really surprised me to tell you the truth.

Kate: Dong Gu’s reasons for his negative feelings about Seo Jin and Joon Ki dating are completely reasonable when he explains them. It would be tough if one of your lifelong best friends and sister were in a romance that went bad. His reaction and constant threats of violence were a little outsized and silly, but there’s real emotion at the core of this that is incredibly relatable. I was surprised he turned around so quickly as well, too. I thought it would at least take more of the episode. It was really funny that Seo Jin’s reaction was to grow out her facial hair. In what world does that tactic get you your way, I wonder? Dong Gu and Seo Jin’s fights as children must have been very different from mine with my sister. What did you think of Seo Jin and Joon Ki’s Ghost moment? I think I almost died. It was even better that it was set up the group had been watching the movie earlier and talking about how romantic it was. Joon Ki and Seo Jin definitely have a special kind of love.

Akua: I laughed so hard when Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” came on just as Joon Ki jumped into the pool after Seo Jin! Talk about perfect timing! The lengths Joon Ki went to make sure Seo Jin had her lettuce wraps was so sweet but the luggage scene was pure loco. I mean, Joon Ki is over the top but this week, he took it to another level! His frantic behavior with the luggage felt so real that I could only feel sorry for the two of them when they finally confessed to Dong Gu. They looked so pitiful. I too, thought that the scene with the shaving was too much! The coyness of Seo Jin and the tenderness of Joon Ki was so on par with the eccentricities of all the characters!

Logan: Everything Dong Gu does is a bit larger than life so I understood his reaction to them dating as well. He isn’t all that unreasonable when you look at his actual motivations. It’s just that sometimes he has a hard time expressing himself and comes off childish. Haha. When Joon Ki was shaving Seo Jin it was so hilarious and cringy at the same time. Lol. That’s one of the things I love about this drama - it’s ability to be funny and uncomfortable at the same time. I’m glad they seem to really like each other. I’m also glad that Yoon Ah also finally was able to admit her feelings for Dong Gu.

Kate: Yoon Ah was definitely taking a bit of a journey this week. Hyun Joo was as well. He showed so much emotional maturity and kindness not only in giving up his pursuit of Yoon Ah, but by encouraging her to embrace her feelings and make it evident to her that it was clear she had feelings for Dong Gu. He could have stopped when he realized her feelings, but continuing to encourage her to acknowledge them showed how much he cares for her well being and happiness.

Akua: Y’all, I was so glad that Yoon Ah finally saw the light. She’s been falling in love with him this whole time but she just couldn’t confess. It makes sense when you consider how much betrayal, abandonment and loss she’s had. She was too cute playing hide and seek. I’m glad that she drunkenly confessed to Dong Gu because it gave him some hope and recognition. Seeing Hyun Joo watch on as Yoon Ah ate Dong Gu’s nasty kimchi stew or worry about his eating or freak out about losing the pin was sad though. You can see that he’s losing hope as all of these events clearly show that Yoon Ah likes Dong Gu but he still tries. I’m glad he gave up, even though it was classic Second Lead Behavior!

Logan: I was proud of Hyun Joo when he called Yoon Ah out and told her to confess to Dong Gu so she didn’t lose him. He knew all along and really caused his own hurt feelings by trying to pretend she hadn’t already given her heart to someone else. I’m glad he was honorable, though. I had faith he would come through. I’m interested to see where Yoon Ah and Dong Gu’s relationship will go in the last 4 episodes. Kind of sad we won’t get to spend more time with the two of them, but this drama has really always been about the ensemble more than the romance anyway.

Kate: It has been about the family the Waikiki bunch has built together, and no where was it more evident this week than when the gang banded together to try and gather the money to help pay the settlement Yoon Ah was asked to pay after her car accident. Even though they didn’t really come up with any money so the effort was a bit wasted, it was heartening to see them all gather at the table and without even questioning it, pitch in to help Yoon Ah out. Don’t worry though, Logan. Four episodes of romance is more than many K-drama couples get. I look forward to watching all four episodes of Dong Gu/ Yoon Ah happiness. They’ve already had a wedding, so they’ve been able to cover some key ground already!

Akua: The family meant so much this week. Although, Dong Gu wouldn’t accept Seo Jin and Joon Ki, Joon Ki went ahead and gave up his character *gasp* in the guild! I know that’s serious because gamers spend hours and hundreds of dollars for their games so giving his character to that actor was nothing short of sacrifice. We all know that the family barely breaks even every month but they were all willing to give whatever they could to help out Yoon Ah - without hesitation or question. THAT’S family!

Logan: The gang didn’t even hesitate to do whatever they could to raise the money. Dong Gu even sacrificed the one thing that was most valuable to him - his pride. And it was that sincerity that brought Yoon Ah to the realization that she couldn’t lose him. I really love this family and wish I could join it. And you’re right, Kate, sometimes couples don’t even get together until the last episode so I’m thankful for the four. I hope things go smoothly for them from here on it, but it’s the Waikiki Guest House. I don’t think that’ll be possible. Lol. Still, I’m imagining it’ll be entertaining. Speaking of entertaining, I loved seeing Su Ah’s reaction to the fancied up Doo Sik. He really cleans up nicely and she seemed to notice. Lol

Kate: I can think of at least one obstacle for Dong Gu and Yoon Ah’s budding romance- the reappearance of Sol’s father. I’m wondering if they’re keeping that one for episode 18 to carry out some conflict to the final week. I was pretty amused by Su Ah’s reaction to Doo Sik as well. It was a little funny that he had the “no glasses” makeover, and she suddenly realized he was nice-looking. I’m really not sure if they’re going anywhere with that. There are these hints that the two of them may get together, and then there are more clues that they won’t. Doo Sik’s love of the tennis shoes Mal Geum got him definitely show he’s still has feelings for her or the idea of her, neither of which seem to point to him being ready to move on. I mean, he went to town on that model for putting his stinky feet in those shoes. That was a pretty uncharacteristic move for the usually incredibly patient Doo Sik. I’d rather Doo Sik and Su Ah didn’t get together, though. It’s a little too pat and neat. My vote is that she helps him get noticed as a model and becomes his manager for a minor career in modelling that helps him to fund his screenplay and helps her to figure out she’d be a good manager of models. Those seem like pretty happy endings that suit the both of them, no?

Akua: I kind of like that Doo Sik still loves Mal Geum and that Su Ah is seeing another side of Doo Sik. It’s a great “tables turned” plot twist. Kate, that’s a great idea! I would love to see Doo Sik as the model and Su Ah as the manager! I hope Sol’s father doesn’t show up. It may be a bit far-fetched to introduce him so late in the game but who knows? This is after all K-Drama land! I would like to see a few episodes of Dong Gu/Yoon Ah and Joon Ki/Seo Jin love though. Yeah, bring in some wild scenarios but can we just get some straight, good-for-the-heart, ramyun-heart-warming romance for a couple of episodes?

Logan: Ooo good point about Sol’s father, Kate. When the drama first started, I was waiting for it to happen but with everything else going on I got distracted. Would it even be a K-drama if he didn’t show up to throw a wrench in things? I hope we don’t get flashbacks of when we watched Entertainer and the same thing happened. I don’t think we’ll see Doo Sik and Su Ah turn into a full-fledged romance at this point either. Flirting and interest, yes - but he still loves Mal Geum. He needs more time. Oh, talking about where everyone is going to end up in the end is making me sad because now I’m realizing we only have 2 more weeks left with these characters and this story.

Do you think the romances on the show will go smoothly for the rest of the series? Will Sol's father return to wreak havoc? Will Su Ah and Doo Sik fall for one another? What did you think of this week's episodes? Let us know on the discussion boards.


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