Alooooooooohaaaaa from the wonderful world of Waikiki weirdness. Are you ready for another hilarious week of recap from your very own Waikiki surfers? We hope so because we’ve got another installment of misunderstandings, mischief and even some magical connections to turtles as our little family rides the wave that is their predictably unpredictable lives. No matter what is going on, we know it’s bound to be wacky! Join Logan, Kate and myself as we laugh out loud through the whimsical ways of Go, Go, Waikiki!

Logan: The adventures of Joon Ki never cease to amuse me and this week more than ever. Lol. When I read the description of this episode and it said that Joon Ki reacted differently to a stalker than most people might, I assumed he might just be really excited about it. Never did I imagine that not only would he embrace his stalker, but in turn end up stalking her back. That was painful to watch. But poor Joon Ki, he just wants to be loved. I’m sure he’ll have his fans in due time. I mean, if I were in the Go Go Waikiki universe, I’d definitely be in his fan club.

Kate: Oh, Joon Ki. A young woman stalking you has very different power dynamics than you stalking her. Sure, those pictures with a message in blood were pretty scary, and fan culture in South Korea is no joke, but don’t break into a young woman’s home. That stopped being funny as he appeared to be increasingly menacing in his actions. Thank goodness that turtle plotline stepped in and helped bring back the Joon Ki I know and love. How do you get a turtle to act with you? That was some good stuff, as was his frustration as he tried to figure out how to bond with the turtle.

Akua: I wonder if they let Joon Ki be that intense as a way to poke fun at the “fan culture” in Korea? In any case, as much as I expect eccentricity from Joon Ki, I never imagined that he would be a stalker of a stalker! The bedroom scene where she shows up in their room definitely creeped me out. I laughed so hard when Dong Gu pretended like he wasn’t awake and Doo Sik popped up - terrified - while still hugging the stuffed toy! The trick of talking to the turtle in archaic Korean cracked me up but watching Seo Jin’s disappointment every time Joon Ki cancelled made her so pitiful to me.

Logan: The stalking was creepy, but I was actually more annoyed with Joon Ki for not realizing how ditching Seo Jin would make her feel. As a priority she kept getting pushed back and the fact that he knew she had been sitting there for hours and then called to ask if he could cancel was one thing, but he was more excited that she wasn’t mad than he was sorry for the fact that he had to cancel. Definitely a growing opportunity there for Joon Ki.On the flip side, it was fun to watch Dong Gu and Yoon Ah get closer this week. I thought something had to be going on with Yoon Ah when she was stone-faced throughout their date and I was probably just as relieved as Dong Gu when I realized she was just nervous.

Kate: The Seo Jin storyline also suffered from coming right after the Joo Jin stalker storyline too. If it was all about working to build his acting career, it would be a lot more sympathetic. However, Joon Ki spent a whole lot of time calling, texting, and making fan memorabilia for Jin Joo right before the storyline came up where Seo Jin and Joon Ki couldn’t find time to hang out together. That placement made it look even more like he’d spent a bunch of spare time right before stalking his fan and made Joon Ki much less forgivable for prioritizing everything but Seo Jin. Err. And yes, Dong Gu and Yoon Ah were adorable. I’m not sure how kissing him solves their problems practically (he still has to breathe, no?) but it is kinda neat on a metaphorical level. Their relationship works best with her in the driver’s seat.

Akua: Joon Ki definitely has some growing up to do. He’s been struggling to get into the top tier acting celebrity status for a while but that doesn’t give him license to take his first and number one fan for granted. His immaturity shone like a beacon this week, as did that of Dong Gu, except Dong Gu’s was much cuter. Who knew that underneath that gruff, terse, aggressive exterior was such a warm, loving, sweetheart? He was practically walking on sunshine after he and Yoon Ah started dating. I felt a few tears come to my eyes when he broke down after hearing that Yoon Ah’s monosyllabic responses and reserved nature was because she was nervous! I’m sure we’ve all been there - stressed, anxious and worried about something only to find out that it wasn’t the bad thing you thought it was. I didn’t expect that outburst but it was perfect!

Logan: I feel like Yoon Ah could have helped Dong Gu out on the kiss front much earlier, but part of her probably just liked to see him sweat so much about it. Dong Gu is a character I’ve really grown to love and he’s so sweet and kind to Yoon Ah. The fact that he was trying to teach Sol to call him “Dad” was so cute. Sol is an adorable baby to begin with and that he now is seeing himself as her dad is just almost cuteness overload for me! The other baby on the show this week from the parenting class was so cute as well. I think all K-dramas need more babies! Haha.

Kate: I was really worried about that first date, y’all. Dong Gu summed it up best when he said that he threw a sausage at her face and then barfed on her. Doesn’t exactly spell epic romance. It ended on a high note, though. I didn’t cry with Dong Gu, but I was so touched by his vulnerability with her. He has grown throughout the show. I mean, remember that he was the same guy who went back to Su Ah’s modelling set to find her ring to pawn and couldn’t admit to her that he needed the money so he started a conversation with her about North Korea instead? It was so great to see both Dong Gu and Yoon Ah so happy together, though I would have liked just a little more Yoon Ah. It was good to see a little more of Sol, this week too! I’m not sure though that it is wise to allow Joon Ki and Doo Sik to babysit together. Too many shenanigans seem to ensue when they’re together.

Akua: Although Joon Ki is the one with the heart problem, Doo Sik needs to see a cardiologist, stat! What was up with the booming heartbeat whenever he sees an attractive woman? The startled faces on both Joon Ki and Su Ah whenever they heard Doo Sik’s heart had me literally laughing out loud! I could not believe the grocery store escapades with our celebrity guest, Kim Kang Hyun, the nameless father terrified of his wife? SMH. Seriously, Kate, sometimes, I think baby Sol is the most mature of them all. Even Su Ah lost part of her mind this week! Can you imagine her telling Doo Sik to tap dance his way into Ah Young’s heart? Jeeeeealousy thy name is Su Ah! At least she helped out Seo Jin get revenge on her Sunbae, but still! Come on Su Ah! That was so uncalled for. Poor Doo Sik just wants to be loved!

Logan: You’re so right, Akua, Doo Sik is just looking for love. I had mixed feelings when he and Angela dated for a hot minute. I was happy for him that he had someone showing interest in him, which boosted his self-esteem but it was kind of doomed from the start. I mean when your whole relationship is a game of telephone involving 3 other people, what do you expect? And i was not happy for Dong Gu and Joon Ki’s attitudes for being jealous that he had a girlfriend that was pretty. Because first of all, why should they care about that when they have pretty girlfriends they love. It was just petty. I was hoping they’d have been happy for him instead, but I guess their egos just got in the way. Oh well, Angela was shallow anyway. That just clears the way for Su Ah who is showing growing interest. But she better hurry because she only has 2 episodes left to make it happen.

Kate: Angela may have been a philosopher, who would know with all those translators needed for them to talk! I do think it was a little bit of a side story that wasn’t entirely necessary, but still nice to see Su Ah re-evaluate Doo Sik’s worth once again as well. She is status conscious at least a little, so seeing him date her bumped him up a bit in her eyes. Hopefully after the Ah Young debacle Su Ah might finally start to admit her attraction to Doo Sik to herself and to the gang. Hopefully she’ll get him into nicer clothes a little more often too. Your nicest sweat suit to a first date? No way. Though Ah Young ticked me off a little. One miscommunication or missed message is all right. How is a guy supposed to read your mind, Ah Young? If Doo Sik had suggested a walk after you mentioned how uncomfortable your shoes are, that’s one thing, or if he had persisted after mentioning you didn’t think your heels would cut it in the park that would be rude. Doo Sik deserves better than that, sweats and all.

Akua: The writers better give Doo Sik some lovin’ because both the Ah Young and Angela episodes were a bit of a stretch and quite frankly, felt a little out of place. I was pissed at Dong Gu, Joon Ki and Su Ah for trying to sabotage Doo Sik. And Doo Sik! Honestly, you’ve been working on this internet mall forever now. I know you know how to dress for a first date and sweats is not it, even if it’s your cutest pair! Cluuuuueless! I sort of want Doo Sik to get snatched up by a hot nuna, get a makeover and watch Su Ah squirm with jealousy and regret! *insert maniacal laugh here*. Okay, enough of that. Ladies, how would YOU like “Go, Go, Waikiki” to wrap up?

Logan: For once, I don’t have big ambitions for what I’d like to see out of the end of my drama. What I really want is just for all of these characters to be happy and be together and frankly I can’t foresee an ending that gives me anything but that. Realistically I haven’t really been disappointed by the journey that they’ve taken and so I trust this drama to give me an ending that makes me feel the way the whole show has. So when it comes down to it, my perfect ending to Go Go Waikiki would be no ending because I want it to go on forever. Haha. But seriously, I just want a simple, happy ending.

Kate: I wouldn’t mind touching base with some of our favorite side characters one last time. My most important wish is to see Mutant X show up with a speaking role in Joon Ki’s next project, or something like that. I want to see Seo Jin and Joon Ki clear up their difficulties quickly. I wouldn’t even mind a tiny little time jump to see their even happier futures as they cement further into the family they’ve been throughout the series. Dong Gu directing Doo Sik’s screenplay and Joon Ki acting. Maybe it’s only a passion project they’re working on in their spare time, with their partners and family helping out--Yoon Ah could cater and Su Ah costume. But they’re together, still supporting one another. I’ll be sad to see all of them go.

Akua: You guys have said it all! I would love a time jump but I want two episodes where all of our celebrity pop-ins and side characters would appear for one reason or another. No matter what, I just want them to stay as zany and real as they have been. What about you, dear readers? Sound off below on how you want to say goodbye to our little family!

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