Aloha - it’s such a pretty word that not only means ‘hello’ but also ‘goodbye’ and that is where we are at the Go Go Waikiki Drama Club. It’s time to say our Alohas as we say goodbye to this drama but also hello to all the opportunities we’ll have in the future to fondly remember it and more importantly to rewatch it! Join Akua, Kate, and me (Logan) as we wrap up these last two episodes and bid our warmest alohas to the Waikiki Guest House.

Akua: Well ladies, we’ve come to the end of a satisfying journey and I for one am glad we took it together! First things first, last week we talked about how we wanted this drama to end. Welp, what did you guys think? Did it end well? Did our relationships pan out the way we wanted them to? I admit that I like the vulnerability that Dong Gu shows with Yoon Ah. He legit loves her - even Seo Jin mentioned that there was an endearing way about him when he looks at Yoon Ah. For all his quirks, Yoon Ah was right - he loves her totally and completely; but he was shook when Sol’s dad showed up. Who can blame him? I had an “awwww, poor baby” moment when he brought home the shark doll after trying so many times to get it, only to see the mountain of dolls Sol’s dad sent. How inadequate he must have felt even though his efforts were so much more sincere, genuine and loving. He worked hard for that! My heart hurt for him especially when he silently pushed the toy back into the bag. I wish Yoon Ah had seen him do that. It was just too sad.

Kate: I was happy with the endings overall, though they all seemed to be missing just a little more resolution. Thinking about it further though, it makes sense to see them running off into the sunset, trying to get away from the cops for filming without a permit. They will continue to do things together as a family, and I imagine they will continue to get into scrapes and adventures. But I still wished that Dong Gu and Yoon Ah could have had more screen time as a happy couple, and as a happy parenting pair now that Sol has named him Daddy. It was adorable. I would have been equally happy to see the group welcome Sol’s bio-dad as a part-time member of the group as well. He didn’t know about Sol when he and Yoon Ah broke up, and it felt unfair that Yoon Ah would not allow him to develop a relationship with Sol as well. It was understandable because of the difficult times she had gone through and the pain she was still working through, but still a little frustrating when her ex was making an effort. In the end, though, it was nice to see her leave a window open for that relationship between him and Sol, when she told him to call if he wants to visit with her. Sol can have two daddies, no? It seems that the whole show has been about more family, more love.

Logan: I was happy with the ending, too. What I really liked about it is that all of our guest house family got happy endings. One of my pet peeves is when a drama only gives a happy ending to the leads, but leaves us hanging with the other characters. Because I love the ensemble-aspect of K-dramas - the character interactions and the friendships that develop. So in that regard, thank you Go Go Waikiki for giving us that justice. Kate, I agree that I was frustrated at the possibility that Yoon Ah was not going to allow her ex to have any relationship with Sol. I get that he left her, but being a dad is different than being a boyfriend/partner. Even though it had to suck and hurt a lot when he rejected her, he didn’t reject Sol and he was showing interest in her. I’m proud of Yoon Ah for telling him that, although she didn’t want his interference financially or romantically, he could contact her anytime he wanted to see Sol. Good for her!

Akua: We saw a side of Yoon Ah this week that we don’t normally see in K-Drama leading female characters. She was firm, unyielding, straight-forward and strong. She loves Dong Gu and she made it clear in no uncertain terms to Sol’s dad that she didn’t want a relationship with him or to be bought by him. I love that. I like that she gets Dong Gu. She’s not under any pretense about who he is and loves him just the same. Now Seo Jin on the other hand, she was hard to watch this week because I could understand what she was going through. She loves Joon Ki but how do you have a relationship without having a relationship? I do like how mature she is about her feelings and also that she isn’t expecting Joon Ki to give up his career for her, like other female characters I’ve watched. Honestly, I was relieved to see how they worked out that scene! Joon Ki didn’t have to lose his contract! Yaaay!

Kate: I was glad Joon Ki didn’t lose his contract Akua, but I thought it was almost a cheat. Almost. It was just the right amount of chance. Sure, the press would be much more interested in the breaking story about Cindy’s fast wedding and pregnancy, but I thought at least a couple of them may stay in the room long enough to hear the end of his sentence. Ah well. I still have some concerns about their relationship while Joon Ki continues to build his career, more because I’m worried they may not be able to continue to give each other the time and attention it needs to flourish. More so because of Joon Ki’s career, but let’s not forget Seo Jin is busy building hers and dealing with oppressive sunbaes too on her end. Hopefully their love will be enough to see it through those times. On the other hand, I thought the Cindy storyline was a hoot. The country’s little sister sure had a lot of admirers that were willing to take down Joon Ki. For a few scenes I thought he’d announce in the heat of the moment on set that he had a girlfriend just to deal with the threat of possible injury.

Logan: I love that Seo Jin was honest but realistic too. She wasn’t being selfish, but she also couldn’t let herself become continually pushed aside for Joon Ki’s acting career either and so it seemed like the only logical solution to her. Joon Ki seemed so shocked that she would even consider it, but that’s because he was so caught up in his career that he could only see himself. I’m glad at how quickly he realized he needed to make a change and that their relationship was saved. It also showed that wasn’t intentionally selfish, he just wasn’t paying attention. Their road ahead won’t be without bumps, that’s for sure, but they’ve proven they’re willing to work them out and that gives me hope they’ll be together long after the drama ends.

Akua: I agree with you two ladies. Even though Seo Jin and Joon Ki were the first established couple, I am most concerned about them. Both have high-stakes, intense careers that don’t give them much room to create a stable relationship but maybe they’ll find a common ground because they both share that? I’m not sure. I hope they find a common ground for their relationship to grow in. I think that our little family all share a certain naivete. They don’t mean to be selfish or hurtful - you’re right Logan - they’re just so much inside their own heads trying to do the best they can that they don’t always realize the impact of their actions. Remember during Dong Gu and Yoon Ah’s first date how they were both so wrapped up in their feelings that they misconstrued each other’s actions? And the Cindy gag was so funny. Watching Joon Ki’s growing paranoia as everyone he talked to about it was a Cindy fan made me realize just how crazy this show is. I love the wackiness of it all, but I don’t know what to do with Su Ah reverting to insults because she can’t accept her growing feelings for Doo Sik! That was weird. I can’t quite ship them tho…

Kate: I respect that the show set up their romance slowly. It was believable, to the extent that it did happen, at least. I’m not sure where Doo Sik and Su Ah will go, if they’re going to have much of a future, but that’s okay. I was the least invested in their romance anyway. Besides, Su Ah was kind of going through a lot, trying to start a new career and figure out who she is after modeling. It seemed like after some false starts, and some struggle, her online mall and fashion line might be going somewhere. It was quite the surprise to see the stylist hand Joon Ki those booty shorts and the super long v-neck to wear while he made his stripper pole first pitch at the ball game. Now that Su Ah appears to be developing a reputation among stylists, maybe she’ll have some time to mellow out and figure out what else she wants out of life other than this new career. Maybe the relationship with Doo Sik will work, maybe not. But we got to see the three guys in those silly sweaters, and that’s good enough for me.

Logan: I actually am a fan of the Doo Sik and Su Ah relationship. Like the other two romances it was still built up slowly, if not quite as slowly as the other two. They’re both a little immature and so it stands to reason that the way they interact would also be that way. However, they both went to bat for the other when they needed someone on their side. After Doo Sik’s series of failed almost romances, it’s nice to see someone who has a genuine interest in and appreciates him and he gives Su Ah a good balance of tough love and motivation. I would love to see where their romance goes from here. I guess we’ll never really know. The style of Su Ah’s designs may not have all the wrinkles ironed out, but she could have some potential if she just tried making her outfits a little less “sexy”. Haha.

Akua: I guess we’ll never know huh? Their relationship would definitely be a sloooow burn but they do complement each other well. I am glad that their online mall has finally gotten off the ground! It was pitiful to see them fail repeatedly. It was even more surprising to see Joon Ki’s face when the stylists pulled out those outfits! I really wanted to see Joon Ki pole dance while throwing the first pitch tho! *snort* I bet that would have been hilarious! Hmm, ladies, I know that I wanted to see Mutant X again. Were there any characters you would have wanted to see again? Even as a cameo?

Kate: I was so hoping to see Mutant X come out of that alien costume in the movie they were filming at the end. Doo Sik could have been off to the side, watching the script for lines or something. I would have liked Yoon Ah to at least have gotten a text from Hyun Joo congratulating her on passing her baking proficiency exam. That wouldn’t have taken any actor availability and almost no screen time. I was satisfied to see that Dong Gu got to wow his director one last time with his off-topic brainstorm ideas for the film, and we got to see a little more of Yoon Ah's rapping. Overall, I’m mostly happy with the nods they did with the last week.

Logan: Even though I was a little annoyed with him during the time he thought he could win over Yoon Ah, I also was a little sad that Hyun Joo was suddenly completely out of their lives. And Mutant X became a good friend so that was sad as well. But ultimately, I always loved the Guest House residents best so if they’re happy, I’m happy. Haha. Having MC Dot Copy bring Yoon Ah in for rapping made me laugh. I watch a lot of Show Me The Money and follow a ton of Korean Hip-hop artists so his character amused me from the start. Even his catch phrases were knock offs of other artists.

Akua: It would have been nice to see a few other characters show up at various points in the last episodes but I didn’t feel as if I lost something for them not being there. It would have been cute but the writers kept the same pulse and feel in these last two episodes. The Chairman was such an oddball as was MC Dot Copy and I loved it. Instead of trying to do something new, they delved a little deeper into the characters and let us see them mature a bit and had us running around Seoul in a ridiculous situation, just like all the other episodes. This is one drama that doesn’t leave me disappointed, angry, sad or blah. It kept my interest the whole series and it made me laugh. I enjoyed watching them interact more than the secondary characters. In fact, all of them were leads to me. It’s a reflection of great writing and acting that I was so focused on just the family and no one else. More importantly, it made me feel for every one of the characters. They were real - ridiculous - but real. Gotta love that.

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