Welcome to our second week in Waikiki! This week we see Joon Ki and Seo Jin appear to find happiness with new relationships, only to find that they don’t last. Finally, they also start catching career breaks that unfortunately have their own drawbacks. Dong Gu may not be cut out for his part time job, but knows he has to make money somehow to reach his dreams. We learn about Yoon Ah’s two dreams, the first giving us a lot of comic relief and the second… well, let's just say Yoon Ah hasn’t been able to catch much of a break either. The one thing that seems to be consistent is that the group has each other’s backs, even if those backs are a little less hairy than they used to be! Join Logan, Akua, and me, Kate, as we discuss episodes three and four of Go Go Waikiki.

Logan: This week we seem to be getting more into the heart of the drama. The first two episodes felt almost like “funny click-bait” in that they were hilarious and kept us watching. Now we’ve begun to learn the backstories of our character. While I wasn’t laughing as loudly this week, I was just as interested because the drama first got me interested in these characters and now got me to care. In particular the way the group rallied around Yoon Ah and felt more attached to her after learning about her past I found particularly charming.

Akua: I feel as if we’re watching puzzle pieces fall into place, you know? You’re drawn in by the antics and rapid pace of the plot and then you get comfortable while you get closer to the characters. I’m enjoying how well everyone fits together. Nobody feels out of place. They’re all kooky but kind, goofy but gracious and you feel like they honestly care for one another - sort of an accidental family with Yoon Ah and Sol cementing their closeness. I get thrown off by dramas where the characters feel forced to interact just to create melodrama.

Kate: I think I laughed harder at this week’s episodes--when I wasn’t cringing at the uncomfortable situations our characters were sometimes in, that is. Seo Jin and Joon Ki’s situations took the cake for me this week. I felt sorry for poor Seo Jin who was unlucky in love and in work. She finally gets a chance to date the sunbae she has a crush on, but he’s not only a nose-picker, but the worst kind, the one who flicks his boogers and uses his hands without cleaning them. When he was feeding kimbap to Seo Jin it grossed me out so much I could hardly look. She was going perhaps a little too hard on him by slapping his hands to make him aware of his nasty habit, but at the very least dude needed to start washing his hands. *shudder

Logan: This was the week of cringe, for sure! I had to look away from the screen a few times because I was so uncomfortable. However, the fact that the drama can make me that uncomfortable in such creative ways is actually pretty awesome. I did find Seo Jin was a little too hard on sunbae, especially when I had thought it was so sweet that he was willing to accept her - facial hair and all. I get it, though, his habit was pretty disgusting. The scene that made me cringe the most was when Joon Ki had to play dead and the sunbae actress’ snot went into his mouth. I literally started to dry heave and had to look away. That was a bit much - this drama sure knows how to shock.

Akua: Look y’all. I had to walk away too many times this week! Ugh, so many gross moments. I kept telling myself, “Akua, it’s not real. It’s not real. It’s not real.” aaaand close my eyes because it felt real! *shudder* The dry heaving was real this week. My goodness! I hope they don’t have many more super gross episodes like these, though, y’all. Even with the grossness, there were majorly funny moments like Joon Ki stretching the jeans. Was he “twerking lite” tho? *laughs* And Yoon Ah innocently feeding Seo Jin and Doo Sik muffins for the 1000th time! *laughs again* They get into the craziest predicaments!!!

Kate: Joon Ki got into so many scrapes this week I’d forgotten about the spit during the scene where he had to play dead, I just remembered how much the method actress beat him up in each take. And the split pants. And the spit all over his shirt from the smile trainer. And the whole body waxing. And the ramen burn ON the Brazilian wax site. It wasn’t the poor guy’s fault his girlfriend’s sister was the waxer and his doctor was her mother. At least they hadn’t been dating too long, I guess. Yoon Ah’s muffins were a nice revelation, though. It seems like a better option to try baking as a career rather than rapping, especially if you rap like Yoon Ah. I did not envy the situation Seo Jin was in, either tell her she’s terrible and puncture her dream or allow her to thinks she may be any good. Now Yoon Ah just has to figure out how to turn this into a legit career rather than an unlicensed street stall.

Logan: Show Me The Money is one of my favorite shows so I was bummed Yoon Ah’s rap skills were less than great - I was really hoping she’d turn out to be awesome. However, being a baker is a pretty decent 2nd dream and with fringe benefits for everyone in the guest house. Of course as you pointed out, Akua, that comes with fringe unpleasantries too. As much as I love muffins I don’t think I could live off of a diet of them. Joon Ki goes through so much more than anyone else it seems, but my favorite moment from him this week came from his interaction with his famous actor of a father. How he respected and loved him so much and therefore did not want to use his name to develop his own career. Very respectable.

Akua: Joon Ki provides so much happiness! Granted, it’s at the cost of his dignity in many respects but I love his optimism, determination and drive. He is going to succeed on his terms and we see how that played out with him getting the role of the driver! I do hope he gets luckier in love though because that whole scenario with him waxing was rough, and he didn’t even get the part! Him and Mutant X went all out! I wonder if Mutant X will be a recurring side-character who shows up in the most random places? Anyway, I think that’s one thing our family shares - they’re all willing to be true to themselves to attain their dreams! Just look at Seo Jin’s fancy raw pork slap! Hahahahaha

Kate: Seo Jin was really willing to step in and help out a stranger when she witnessed sexual harassment at that interview, even to the point of giving up her chance at the first job opportunity she’d gotten so far. She’s a real stand up woman. And Akua, I really hope Mutant X becomes an ongoing thing too. I’d love to see him play another character’s driver on the morning drama, or an extra on that drama and him get a larger part than Joon Ki on their next job. I think that would be pretty neat to follow their careers and the struggles they face in showbiz. I really don’t have much of a read on Doo Sik’s struggles as a writer yet, he’s still underdeveloped. Dong Gu’s struggles are a bit different at this point. I love to see him pushing himself to make some cash to make his dream movie, but man, he isn’t that great with babies. That surprised me a bit, after he bonded so much with Sol last week. But it does make it tough to film those 100 day celebrations.

Logan: Seo Jin is great. I’ve really grown to respect her because even though she was resistant to Yoon Ah at first, it didn’t take long for her to embrace both Yoon Ah and Sol. I mean, sharing your room with a practical stranger and a baby can be challenging. Then when she stood up for the other interviewee, I knew she was someone I could hang with. Kate, I totally agree about Dong Gu undergoing a different type of struggle. I still find his story very much interesting and I hinge that solely on Kim Jung Hyun’s facial expressions. I’ve said this before but I just love his acting. He can take a character like Dong Gu who we don’t know much about yet and still make me interested in learning more.

Akua: Dong Gu is a good-hearted guy. You can tell that he truly does care for Yoon Ah but I don’t think he’s realized it yet. He’s worried about her but he doesn’t want to be. He wants her to do well and it bothers him that she can’t seem to “get it together”. I’m so glad we got the history on Yoon Ah because her social awkwardness, constant apologizing and kind of out there personality makes sense in light of her being an abused orphan who has always had to do things for herself and on her own. I felt closer to her when she said that their interactions were how she imagined a family to be and was so shipping her argument with Dong Gu! That head-butt was hilarious with them going back and forth! I’m waiting on Doo Sik!

Kate: I’m just waiting for Yoon Ah’s baby daddy to show up and for him to be gorgeous, wonderful, and have missed her a great deal and be excited to be a dad. It could provide some nice conflict to help Dong Gu realize his feelings and then take a chance and reach out to Yoon Ah. It would be even better if Yoon Ah and her ex realize they aren’t meant to be romantic partners but he wants to be in Sol’s life, and he’s adopted into the family too. Yoon Ah and Sol deserve all the family and support and love they can get.

Logan: The potential romantic connections have me playing matchmaker inside my head. Lol. I think Dong Gu and Yoon Ah are a great match and I also have hopes for Seo Jin and Doo Sik - the drama hasn’t really hinted towards this match yet but I have a feeling. The way Doo Sik has never had a girlfriend and how he looks at Seo Jin sometimes. Maybe she’s his first love. I loved when Dong Sik was going to set Dong Gu up with his co-worker and Dong Gu refused but then regretted it. His bit about asking her for a business card to get food out of his teeth was kind of brilliant. Haha.

Akua: You know what? The way Seo Jin and Joon Ki fight? I wonder if there isn’t something brewing there? *big smile* Who knows? I’m open to see what happens!

Were you grossed out, charmed, or laughing till you cried this week? Do you think Joon Ki and Seo Jin were the MVPs this week? Who will our OTPs be for this series? Respond to us in the comments.

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