Hello - thanks for joining us here at the Waikiki Go Go Drama Club! We're halfway through Go Go Waikiki and I know I speak for the whole drama club when I say that we're still loving this drama as much as ever. In the beginning, the drama hooked us with its comedy and antics but the heart of these characters and seeing their stories unfold is what has really been making this a fun drama to watch. This time our characters have to face the various feelings they've been developing and some handle it much better than others. Join Kate, Akua, and me as we talk secret crushes and all new antics.

Kate: Our gang was really in a tough place financially this week. While it seems like money is always an issue for them, paying the landlady back for last week’s wedding really added a lot of extra stress. I was surprised at how much Dong Gu blamed Joon Ki for everything. Sure, Joon Ki made up the story that landed them in hot water, but everyone else went along with it. And to take Su Ah on as an unpaid boarder on top of everything else? It’s a nice sentiment that Dong Gu wants to help out, but the woman has some pretty wasteful habits!

Logan: Joon Ki really did put the group is an awkward position. Dong Gu really never had an opportunity to stop and explain the truth without making things worse so I can understand why he blamed Joon Ki. Still, it was a bit much to expect him to fix everything himself especially when the theme at the Waikiki house is that they do things together. Unfortunately apparently Dong Gu didn’t think that included consulting the others before inviting in Su Ah. It’s one thing that they took in Yoon Ah who actually does things around the house and helps out, but they’re already struggling financially and to bring in someone like Su Ah seems silly, I agree.

Akua: Well y’all already know that Joon Ki is my fave so even when he’s acting out, I’m rooting for him. I feel the others should be helping out because none of them stepped up to stop Gangsta Landlady! Sorry to say but Seo Jin isn’t bringing in any bucks and she doesn’t seem to be trying either. Anyhoo, back to bae Joon Ki. He has such a big heart. He begged folk for money and when that didn’t work out, he auditioned for an “erotic” film! You gotta admit that took a lot of guts and heart for him especially with how easily actors/actresses are branded (like Mal Geum). Of course, he would be auditioning for the same porno that Du Sik is writing! Ha! And the madness just keeps going….

Kate: I could see it coming a mile away that Joon Ki would show up at the audition. I loved how the director and Mal Geum thought he had the performance at the audition, that he was a good writer. I snorted when Joon Ki questioned Du Sik about his writing, scoffing that this was not the family melodrama Du Sik had said he was working on...and then Du Sik points to the poster. It’s called Sister-In-Law, so Joon Ki conceded the point. These guys. So funny. What I wondered, though, was what Du Sik would do next. He doesn’t want the muscle-y actors in the film with Mal Geum, he doesn’t want Joon Ki to do the film with her either. His attempt to talk Joon Ki out of it left me in stitches. He’s not ashamed. Erotic films are art too. His parents are broad-minded. His wife will be too, and he’ll watch the film with his future kids. He’d already thought of everything.

Logan: Both these episodes did a great job revealing the good bits of Joon Ki and Du Sik’s characters. My heart warmed especially toward Du Sik for a couple reasons. The first was how sincere his feelings for Mal Geum are - the fact that he defended her honor and is doing what he can to get her out of a career she no longer wants to be in in addition to the fact that he doesn’t look down on her for her career choice. Secondly it really showed how he has very little greed in that he was willing to give his entire paycheck for writing the script (that he was only doing for the money in the first place) to Joon Ki in exchange for Joon Ki dropping out of the movie. He didn’t even seem to get it any pause. I’m glad that Joon Ki got out of the movie though, it would have been super awkward even if his future wife and kids wouldn’t mind. Lol.

Akua: Hahahahaha - Du Sik really is a good guy with a good heart. Any other man may have dismissed Mal Geum like those rude drunk guys in the restaurant but he legitimately loves-likes? Her? I’m sure it was uncomfortable for him to be at that fan meeting and to know his first love is a blue movie actress but he was willing to go along with it if she wanted to and when she didn’t, he stepped up in a biiiiig way. You know what ladies? That’s a theme for these two episodes. Our family steps up for others - Du Sik for Mal Geum, Dong Gu for Yoon Ah (when he thought she was harmed in the supermarket fire) and even Joon Ki auditioning for that part to pay off their debt (and of course for bragging rights) but still! All of them took big steps to do unexpected things for their fam!

Kate: I also loved how touched that Joon Ki was when he thought for about three minutes that he was Du Sik’s first love. But when he hears about Mal Geum, he’s totally behind Du Sik’s feelings for her right away, though it definitely took extreme measures to get Joon Ki to quit the film. I wonder how many episodes Joon Ki will spend lording it over Dong Gu? I also wonder, with all that sticking up for others, whether we’ll see “Usain Bolt” again. I don’t often feel for Su Ah, but she was selling her handbags to try and get some money and Usain Bolt steals all three? It made me hope that we’ll see Yoon Ah or one of the guys chase her down next week. Then maybe Su Ah could buy all the milk for a month, or pay them back for her room. At this point, any contribution from her would be welcome.

Logan: Oh gosh, Joon Ki’s face when he thought he was Du Sik’s love was just too great! I love the facial expression in this drama - that is what ends up getting me most of the time. Joon Ki’s faces are obviously great, but it’s also Dong Gu’s expressions that really make him a fun character to watch. The way he looks when he’s trying to hide his true feelings or after Yoon Ah does something cute just cracks me up. It really was a shame about Su Ah’s bags. The girl obviously never has had to be very savvy. But wasn’t she a fairly decent model before her and Dong Gu broke up? I wonder why she hasn’t been getting any gigs.

Akua: Su Ah is annoying as all get-out so I’m just gonna pass over her for now. Ugh. Can we just send up a general “yaaaaaaaass” for the amazing use of music in this show? Did y’all catch the OSTs for “My Lovely SamSoon” and “Goblin”? Or “Secret Lovers” whenever Dong Gu stared in sheer adoration at Yoon Ah? Or the chords for Seo Jin when she wore all of the clothing like a homeless lady on the streets? The production team makes watching these episodes even more fun with all these musical Easter eggs! In addition to the sheer physical comedy aspect of this drama, there’s the exaggerated body language, the body sounds (Joon Ki’s stomach after eating the bones for the Mokbak candies, facial features of all the characters and then the music overlying all these zany coincidences? Y’all! Five Stars!

Kate: This show could just be silly, but there’s definitely a lot of people putting quality work into it, even though it’s a light comedy. It’s nice to see all that detail. I loved how so many of the elements of the show were working together to show Dong Gu’s growing realization about his feelings for Yoon Ah, even though he kept denying it. He was really adorable, too, when Yoon Ah went all aegyo to try and get him to forgive her, since she thought he was angry with her because he was acting so strange. Every time he’d sneak off and barely hold himself together because Yoon Ah was so cute, you could see how much he’d fallen for her. I wanted to pat him on the head. We didn’t get a lot of development for Yoon Ah this week, but there were some moments when I wondered if she is starting to have some sort of feelings for him. I still don’t think she suspects that he has feelings for her.

Logan: The theme song for this drama in itself is pretty great. I had to go ahead and download a few songs from the OST already because listening to them helps me recall the good feelings that I have when I watch this drama. This was another week where I was laughing so hard that I’m sure my neighbors could hear. When you talk about a feel-good drama, I think Go Go Waikiki is the perfect example. It’s the highlight of my week for sure.

Akua: They’re all so cute - trying to figure out if they’re in love! That NASA system? Staaaaahp. I cannot with them! Hahaha. I was worried about Joon Ki though when he felt that electric shock after being bumped into by the doctor and apparently so was Seo Jin. Y’all remember I mentioned a sneaking suspicion that Seo Jin had a little something-something for Joon Ki? What do you think now, with all the time she spends with him? Could Soo Ah be on point about their fighting being reflective of more than? *raised eyebrows*

Kate: I just hope they all still have some money left next week. There’s a real chance that Joon Ki will gamble away anything he can sell that isn’t nailed down to try and raise some money. Guy’s got a real gambling problem. If they can get past that, who knows? We may see them all lucky in love by the end of episode ten.

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