Aloha Waikikians! We’re back after another week of zany, crazy, hijinks from our little family. I thought we couldn’t get any wilder than the past couple of weeks but whooooooa Nelly, was I wrong! Join Kate, Logan and myself as we recap the unbelievable, unpredictable happenings at the Waikiki Guest House. Whether it’s falling down mountains or falling in “love”, the craziest things happen to our guys. But enough chatting, let’s get right into it! Follow along with us and make sure to drop your comments on everything that’s going on below! We would love to hear what you have to say about episodes five and six of Go Go Waikiki!

Kate: Dong Gu and Yoon Ah were certainly thrown together a lot this week. I wondered when we’d ratchet that love line up. But it was definitely a surprise when we went from Dong Gu starting to guess he had feelings for Yoon Ah in episode five to a wedding in episode six! I knew it would be some sort of scheme or solution to a problem, but it was nice how being sick together and then having a wedding pushed Dong Gu out of his comfort zone. Too bad it also came with another huge debt they all have to pay.

Akua: I’m still in shock! How we moved from swine flu to “I do” I’ll never figure out! My goodness! Okay, okay, let me peel my face from the screen for a second and get my thoughts together. Right! Jun Ki and his quick-thinking may be great as an actor but it kinda sucks in real life. Can you imagine having someone like that around, causing unintended consequences everywhere he goes? I guess sometimes it’s a relief but more often than not, it ends up even worse than before! All those dramas have him coming up with the craziest plot lines. Even worse, Dong Gu and Yoon Ah couldn’t refute what he was saying because then they’d all be homeless! What’s a gal and a guy to do?

Logan: Joon Ki is a bit of a walking disaster, but it sure makes for great content from this drama. You can’t help but feel bad for the guy because no matter how hard he tries or what approach he takes, things never turn out the way he wants them to - or even the way one would logically expect things to. When he tries to fix the disasters as they come his way they just turn into bigger and bigger disasters.

Kate: Jun Ki is a pretty good guy, though. He keeps making these decisions that aren’t necessarily bad in a hurtful way, and he means well. Somehow it keeps landing him in hot water. Though I will say that meaning well didn’t really help any of the guys when they were trying to cheer up Seo Jin for losing out at her job interview. Each and every one of them tried out the inspirational activity and pep talk, and somehow Seo Jin winds up under police questioning for assault.

Akua: Oh I love Jun Ki. He’s my favorite of them all but boy oh boy, his life is nothing but an ongoing KDrama within a KDrama! *teehee*. Even when it doesn’t go well, you’re still rooting for it to end up well, someway, somehow. I really enjoyed these two episodes - not as gross (thank you writers) but even funnier! Jun Ki’s Rebecca, tho? Had me on the flooyah! Do you hear me? On the floor! Everytime Dong Gu would touch something in the car, it would break or fall off! I was shocked that the car even got Jun Ki and Seo Jin to the fields and back! And the soundtrack whenever they were trying to inspire her with the same corny words that they all laughed at, by the way, made me laugh even harder. Each time it ended up in a worse situation than before! The kite smacking Seo Jin in the forehead, Dong Gu being injured down the mountain and then the slap heard around the world? *pause to laugh out loud* I’m sure my neighbors wondered what was going on!

Logan: That slap was my favorite thing. The guy probably deserved it considering the manner he was breaking up with his girlfriend. Seo Jin just wanted to be left alone but they wouldn’t stop bothering her. As annoying as that had to be I’m sure there was part of her that also appreciated their efforts - they’re like a family after all. That scene really brought things over the top was when they finally were able to bring her out of the funk with the strip tease in front of the police station. Very unexpected, a little inappropriate, (I don’t want my brother stripping in front of me) but completely run-out-of-breath-from-laughing-too-hard hilarious.

Kate: Oh, Rebecca. My claustrophobia really flared up when Jun Ki offered Dong Gu and Yoon Ah a ride and then they found themselves trapped in that tiny little car with pieces of it falling off in their hands as they tried to get out. I hope that he had decent insurance. Maybe he can get a better car with his insurance settlement after the accident with Writer Hye Jin. After how she treated Jun Ki, he should take her insurance for all it is worth. It can’t be worse than being written out of his minor part with death by candy for dating her accidentally.

Akua: I felt so bad for Jun Ki! Written off in the first five minutes!!! Whew, hell hath no fury as woman scorned! Well, he bounced right back to get that bed scene but lost it again; and after a full week of starvation too! Oh tsk tsk tsk, poor guy. I really hope he did get a good insurance claim out of that situation! At least he never stops trying. Neither does Doo Sik! Those scenes where he was trying to watch the “erotic” movies only to be interrupted by Dong Gu had me snickering. I felt bad for him because you know he was so uncomfortable but bills gots to be paid! These guys keep getting taken advantage of, but at least they don’t have to deal with it for too long!

Logan: I’m surprised they let Joon Ki in the drama at all. I was sure they’d have found a way to replace him completely. At least he got to be in the opening scene of the drama - that’s something. Lol. I love that Doo Sik is so embarrassed about his homework, because it does show that he really is innocent and it’s nice to have a character like that sometimes.

Kate: Dong Gu has a problem with knocking. Meaning, someone has to teach this guy to knock. Since they share a bedroom, I can sort of forgive that one, but you’ve got to knock when you’re going into a closed bathroom. Poor Doo Sik deserves some privacy. I found it a little surprising though that the producer wanted to hire him to write films for him because he is an “erotic genius.” Isn’t this the same Doo Sik who hasn’t had a girlfriend? He seems a bit naive for that kind of writing, but who knows, maybe the naivete makes it fresh? I was glad to finally see his character get a bit more time and development though. I was starting to worry we wouldn’t get any of that. I’m interested to see where this plot line will go. I hope it doesn’t just remain a joke that keeps getting milked that he’s sneaking porn but it’s really for work.

Akua: I’m pretty sure there’s madcap adventures for him too! I knew he was going to send the porn to his boss’s daughter tho - I saw that one coming a mile away; but going to their house? Omo omo omo! Doo Sik is just as impulsive as Jun Ki! Did you notice that the entire episode had overtones of “perversion” to it? Even with Dong Gu, Yoon Ah and Sang Jeon! This guy was smelling Yoon Ah’s hair, collecting her tissues and putting on her clothes all while Dong Gu kept close tabs on him, spurring the X-Files theme even! Haha! I loved how the others were so quick to see and call him out on his growing feelings for Yoon Ah! I hate it when characters are slow in seeing the obvious!

Logan: Sang Jeon was a creeper for sure and shameless about it too, which made it even worse. Glad that Dong Gu was on the lookout for Yoon Ah. Who knows what may have happened if they became closer. As a firm rule I always stay away from people that smell my hair when I’m not looking. Lol.

Kate: I think his feelings for her helped him notice what that weirdo was up to. He was particularly attuned because of the jealousy he couldn’t really understand yet. But man, that guy was a weirdo. Sniffing her toothbrush and then starting to brush his teeth with it? I thought it was pretty funny that he was more angry that he’d stolen Seo Jin’s underwear and not Yoon Ah’s. He was practically indignant. It was also pretty hilarious that each time (up until the underwear) Dong Gu called out a weird thing the guy was doing, Jun Ki would respond he did that too. Really Jun Ki? Using Dong Gu’s toothbrush is gross. And why is he wearing Yoon Ah’s clothes to get back at her? For what? Our Jun Ki is a little twisted too.

Akua: *breaks out in laughter and shakes head* Yeeeeah, I caught that and had the “really” face on the whole scene! I was disappointed that Dong Gu spread those lies throughout the baking school. I wanted Yoon Ah to have positive romantic interactions given her history of rejection and abandonment. She’s too focused on providing for Sol to even consider romance but it’s lovely to see that she’s noticed and attractive to other men. I don’t want her to be “the given” girl for Dong Gu but rather come into her own, you know? She’s got a loving, kind, unpretentious personality that I’m glad we got to see more of this week.

Kate: I thought that was pretty mean of Dong Gu to spread those rumors about her as well. She deserves the happiness she can find, especially after taking such good care of Dong Gu in a tent on the roof while they were both sick. That’s some really next-level mom skills. It was nice to see her get to plan a wedding after thinking having Sol would mean she’d miss out on that. Too bad that it was a big expensive wedding that the gang will have to pay back. I’m also a little worried that with Su Ah back in the picture and it might cause Yoon Ah some pain as Dong Gu has to decide where his feelings lie. Then again, she still seems oblivious to his developing feelings so maybe it will not affect her much at all.

Akua: I think Su Ah coming back will heighten the inner tension that Dong Gu will feel. Yoon Ah may be affected a bit but she’ll keep going because that’s what she does. She’ll live her life while Dong Gu feels pulled between the two but eventually it’ll get to him that she’s doing her own thing without him. Look at all the research he did for the baking school as well as the preparations? He’s softening toward her more than she is to him and that’s good. He won’t take her for granted. I also was happy for her to have that wedding of her dreams. Even though it was pretend, she went all in! About that landlady tho! #savage! She’s so bossy, presumptive and cold. Whew.

Logan: It’s really sad to see when people hurt their boyfriend/girlfriend to go to someone else and then try to go back to them for comfort. It’s a little twisted and while I don’t hate Su Ah’s character, I don’t want to see her around Dong Gu for that reason. I think it’s one of the most selfish things you can possibly do to another person.

Kate: I’m really worried about how the gang will be able to keep paying off their debt to keep her off their backs, especially after her pride was wounded so much. It’s definitely not going to be with Jun Ki’s body double money. Maybe Doo Sik’s erotic writing will be some sort of goldmine. I’m pretty sure they’ll manage to muddle through somehow, and make it funny along the way.

Akua: Hahaha, not body double money, Kate! I do hope that Doo Sik can help out. Other than eating snacks and artificially increasing likes for his President Bruce Lee - Alien Hunter scenario, he doesn’t seem to add much to the house financially or otherwise. He’s the innocent one, I guess but let’s hope he can help out now that they have possible jail time in front of them! In fact, I’m curious as to how they’ll “fix” this situation!


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