Welcome back to the guest house this week! I hope you’re as excited as we are to be able to spend four more episodes with the gang at Waikiki. This means that we’re now halfway through, with our episodes this week finding our characters confessing secrets, misdeeds, and dreams to one another. Which confession surprised you the most? Which made you laugh the hardest? Join Logan and me, Kate, as we talk about this week’s episodes of Go Go Waikiki!

Logan: I’ve said this before, but I was drawn into this drama by the humor but it’s the story and the heart of these characters that has really kept me interested every week. As each week passes I grow more and more fond of them as they don’t let the numerous hurdles they face bring them down. That being said the developing “something” between Seo Jin and Joon Ki this week really exemplifies everything I love about Go Go Waikiki. They’re both two animated characters with plenty of flaws and hijinks, but they’re also kind and caring to those they love at their core. In many ways they are kind of perfect for each other. The developments between the two ended up being my favorite part of these two episodes.

Kate: They’re both so hard on one another that it never occurred to them at first to see each other as possible romantic partners. But it also means they know each other well, warts and all, rather than just the best foot forward people put out when they start dating. Those kind of romances can be great because they seem much more realistic as relationships. Seo Jin doesn’t have to worry how Joon Ki will react to her moustache because he already knows, and Seo Jin knows all the embarrassing roles he’s done to get ahead in show business. I love their relationship almost as much as I love Doo Sik and Joon Ki’s. I didn’t think it could get any better after Joon Ki’s delighted reaction when he thought he was Doo Sik’s first love, but when their voices went high pitched this week as a part of the drug study and they flirted with each other with their girly voices I just about died. They having so much fun with each other it was a joy to watch.

Logan: This week had no shortage of laughs either, that’s for sure. The way that they made themselves laugh over their sillly voices was just adorable. For me, how adamantly Joon Ki insisted to Seo Jin that they should “tell Dong Gu” when he was thinking about the camera and she thought he meant their kiss, was the part that made me laugh the most. How awkward - you kiss your brother’s best friend when you’re drunk and he’s insisting that you tell your brother. I put myself in her shoes and I just cringed, but laughed at the same time. Lol. Joon Ki’s humor plays off both Doo Sik and Seo Jin’s humor very well. He’s like the humorous sun that the rest of the comedy in this drama revolves around.

Kate: I think that Joon Ki is usually in most of my top laugh moments for the week. His nightmare of Olivia the Camera threatening him and bleeding from her lens was delightfully strange, and his pitching a fit at the second interview to give Seo Jin the time to get there was sweet. But even though he’s silly he’s got a big heart, too, which means he’s usually in a few of my top heartwarming moments of the week as well. One of those moments this week was both heartwarming and side-splitting. How can you not find Joon Ki in an octopus costume enlisting Mutant X in a crab costume to take down a singing squid to help Seo Jin get her first story both sweet and hilarious? No wonder Seo Jin was moved to kiss him.

Logan: Oh, I forgot about how much I loved that scene. Seeing the kinship Joon Ki and Crab Man felt and how loyal Crab Man was to him was a lot of fun. It was the very rare sort of combination of hilarity and heart-warming feels that is unique to this drama. The way that Crab Man taunted the security guard with a crabwalk and then full-on tackled him made me laugh until I had tears in my eyes. You could really see the new feelings Seo Jin was developing for Joon Ki in that very moment too. I feel like another kiss won’t be too far away with those two.

Kate: Dong Gu went through a lot of maturation this week too, I think. From confessing his feelings about Yoon Ah to Su Ah, to realizing that starting a relationship with a single mother would require a greater amount of responsibility and seriousness to finally recommitting to his career path by taking the new job he was on a journey that helped him realized how much he does care for Yoon Ah in a serious way. Now we can only wait to see how Yoon Ah will react. I wonder how well that will go while it looks like the pastry chef from her school could be some very serious competition.

Logan: I actually am kind of sad that the Pastry Chef has come to develop feelings for Yoon Ah because I like him but I, of course, love Dong Gu so much more. I don’t want Mr. Chef’s feelings to get hurt because he seems like a really, really decent guy. Almost too decent where I start to worry about whether or not this drama is going to toy with our emotions. For instance, in the final scene of Episode 10 Dong Gu confesses his feelings as Mr. Chef walks up. Usually in K-dramas it’s the other way around, the male lead encounters the heartfelt confession of the second male lead. I’m just going to chalk it up to the fact that this drama does things differently than others because the idea of Dong Gu and Yoon Ah being together makes me sad. But I agree, Kate, Dong Gu’s character development has been great to see.

Kate: I’m not sure who would pay for his matrix-style baby video, but he’s passionate about film. It even gave me hope for Yoon Ah developing feelings for him when she saw how happy he was working on film. Speaking of possible couples, we should probably talk about Doo Sik, too. The way he and Su Ah kept getting paired up this week I wondered whether or not the show was moving towards pairing them up. I liked Su Ah a little more than I had after she taught a lesson to the rude customer on behalf of Doo Sik, but that doesn’t mean I’m behind a romance with him. After Mal Geum left secretly shedding tears, I also wondered how honest she was being with Doo Sik. Of the two, I’d much rather see Mal Geum with Doo Sik, especially after we discovered the hearts she drew on old photos of him. She was confessing he was her first love too. His heartbreak with helium voice was so funny, and with Dong Gu joining in singing a sad karaoke song, it was hard to feel too sorry for them for too long because of the spectacle they made. Thank goodness Joon Ki was there the next morning to cheer them up with his single eyebrow.

Logan: I did like Dong Gu’s video but, yeah, it was a little too much. The production level was really high, though, so he’s definitely got talent. Lol. I noticed the drama was pushing Su Ah and Doo Sik together and I had mixed feelings about it as well. Mal Geum’s departure was so painful especially considering how sweet they were together and then learning Doo Sik was her first love as well. However, I did like the side of Su Ah that we got to see this week. The side where she can’t tolerate people abusing those weaker than them. So if Doo Sik can’t end up with Mal Geum, I would rather he fall in love with Su Ah because they’re both characters I like and I don’t want them to be alone. The one upside to Mal Geum leaving as you pointed out, Kate, was that beautifully hilarious duet we got between Doo Sik and Dong Gu. I wonder if I can find that on iTunes to download. Lol.

Kate: I can hardly guess what might happen next week after how eventful this week was. My best guess? Su Ah and Doo Sik will catch her con artist ex after almost catching him one more time. Yoon Ah won’t know how to react to Dong Gu’s confession, and feel caught between him and Pastry Chef as he puts pressure on her about romance too. And Joon Ki will do at least 4 silly and off-the-wall things. What do you think Logan?

Logan: Ideally, I would love to see Joon Ki start to realize he has feelings for Seo Jin and for Yoon Ah to come to the same realization about Dong Gu. Realistically, I’m not expecting that for a few weeks. Don’t want to get my hopes up. Haha. I think Yoon Ah will feel really confused by Dong Gu’s confession. I wouldn’t even be surprised if she rejects him out of insecurities she might feel as a single mom.

What do you think? What do you want to see next week? Let us know on the discussion boards.


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