Viewers won't have to say goodbye to Go Go Waikiki until April 17!

Recently, JTBC announced that their latest youth series would be extended by four episodes. The audience's positive response to the clever story and young cast's passionate acting has encouraged the network to take a chance on 20 episodes. JTBC plans to air a Wakiki Commentary special on March 12 and 13 to properly prepare for the hilarious new episodes everyone is sure to love. The specials promise to feature a collection of the cast’s commentary, behind-the-scenes cuts and the most amusing scenes.

Go Go Waikiki continues to brighten everyone's week with its hysterical take on ambitious young people facing obstacles. Viewers are addicted to the fresh story and romance beginning to unfold between their favorite characters. Kim Jung Hyun, Go Won Hee, Lee Yi Kyung and Jung In Sun lead the beloved cast.

While you are forced to wait a week for the second half of episode 10, check out some stellar acting by Kim Jung Hyun in School 2017 and Lee Yi Kyung in Because It's The First Time.

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