Go Go Waikiki costars Jung In Sun and Lee Yi Kyung, who acknowledged their relationship earlier this week, spilled the beans on everything from how they met, what it was like to keep their relationship a secret, and why they decided to take it public. Let’s find out more!

Yi Kyung and In Sun talked with reporters in separate interviews following the Go Go Waikiki finale. In the interviews, both said they felt bad when the dating news broke. “I felt worried at first. Then I felt bad for the ‘Waikiki’ teammates and fans,” Yi Kyung said. When In Sun saw the news, the ‘Waikiki’ family came to her mind right away. “I didn’t want to be a burden to the show. I couldn’t help thinking about our teammates: the actors, director, CEO of the production company, and the staff members who stayed up many nights filming with us,” the actress said.

Before they started dating, which happened about a year ago, “we chatted over drinks at izakayas, and found out we get along pretty well,” In Sun shared. Yi Kyung added, “I fell for her while talking with her. She's very considerate.”

After finding out they’d be performing in the same drama, they decided to keep their relationship a secret by pretending not to be in one. It wasn’t like they could secretly flirt on-set anyway. “There were a lot of scenes to film, because the show had six protagonists. We split into teams A and B, which made it hard for us to see much of each other,” In Sun said. The Go Go Waikiki actors had no clue Yi Kyung and In Sun were dating, In Sun shared. “The actors knew I had a boyfriend, but didn’t know who he was,” she said.

Lastly, when the dating news broke out, they were cool about acknowledging it, with Yi Kyung stating, “I didn’t want to hide it or lie about it when people found out.”

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