When it comes to serving up the best Kit-Kats in the world, Japan is clearly the champ. The country knows how to make tons of delicious Kit-Kat flavors as well as perfect the original chocolatey masterpiece. 

In addition to dominating the art of Kit-Kat flavors, Japan also has gourmet Kit-Kat shops. These specialty shops focus on serving rare and limited edition Kit-Kats that you can't find anywhere else. The first Kit-Kat boutique opened in January of this year in the Seibu Department Store in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. 

And the store was so popular that it sold out of its 500 bars in an hour and forty minutes. Some of the specialty flavors sold at that store include Special Cherry Blossom Green Tea and Special Chili, which included a creamy chili pepper layer of filling. 

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