Go Kyung Pyo is a real life soldier!

The Cross star began his mandatory military service today. Like many of his celebrity peers, Go Kyung Pyo chose to quietly enlist rather than have a grand send off with the media and fans. The 27 year-old actor entered the training center of the 23rd Infantry Division in Samcheok of Gangwon Province. His agency, CL& Company, released his personal statement about the enlistment. “As a Korean man, I will return after diligently and strongly completing my military duty. It can be viewed as a long or short amount of time, but I will work to return as an improved actor and human," Go explained.

The proud single guy shared a friendly photo of himself on Instagram with this message, “I will return well! I want to express my gratitude to everyone who has been with me in my 20s, and I hope for your happiness-!! I love you!! I will greet you again as a more improved person in my 30s!”

Fellow actors Ryoo Duk Hwan and Kim Seol wished him well with their own Instagram messages. Ryoo wrote, "Next up is Go Kyung Pyo. Return well, and don’t get hurt..No matter what it is, just endure it.” He uploaded photos of himself and Go sporting their adorable army crew cuts.

Child star Kim Seol didn't forget her older brother on Answer Me 1988 when she shared a cute video for him. “Sun Woo oppa, congratulations on becoming a brave soldier! Come back healthily after completing your service well," she said in the clip.

. 선우오빠에게 보내는 진주의 영상메세지!

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While we patiently wait for his discharge date in Febryaru 2020, let the Go Kyung Pyo K-drama marathon begin! You can enjoy his outstanding acting skills in the comedic shows Strongest Deliveryman, The Best Moment to Quit Your Job, Jealousy Incarnate, Answer Me 1988, Tomorrow's Cantabile, Flower Boy Next Door and Operation Proposal.

Which show will start your delightful Go Kyung Pyo marathon?

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