Go Kyung Pyo has been giving us major second lead syndrome in his role as the caring chaebol in Jealousy Incarnate, almost making us root for him to get the girl instead of Jo Jung Suk. And adding further to our fascination, is this stunning photoshoot he recently did for Elle Korea. Have a look at the pictures and tell us if he isn't stealing your hearts!

When asked about the love triangle in the drama, he said "It naturally happens when I look at Gong Hyo Jin sunbaenim, her smile and eyes really make her partner's heart pound. I understand why people call her 'Gongvely.'" Awww, does he have a little crush on her? Going back to re-watch episodes of Jealousy Incarnate cause I just can't get enough of this adorable actor. What about you?


Jealousy Incarnate

Starring Jo Jung Suk and Gong Hyo Jin

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