Go Kyung Pyo gets candid.

The Jealousy Incarnate star was recently interviewed by the popular Korean-American newspaper Korea Daily. During his chat with the publication, he discussed his love life and opinion of his last two K-dramas. 

How does he express himself in a relationship? The 26 year-old actor had this to say about his personal life, "When I am in a relationship, I try to be genuine to the other person I've dated as much as the next person...I express my love frequently. I am good at saying cringe-worthy things. I don't hesitate to say, I love you, to my friends and my parents. Because I do it so often, my friends even say it back to me."

Go can easily immerse himself into the character he is playing at the moment. The talented actor was relieved that his former role in Answer Me 1988 didn't get in the way of his most recent one. "It was cool to see my previous character not distract me from the recent character. Before I started shooting Jealousy Incarnate, I was Sunwoo (Answer Me 1988 character), but as I started working on the new drama, I was able to show a different character, so I was proud of myself."

Go definitely gave viewers an intense form of second lead syndrome this year. He seriously needs to win the leading lady's heart in his next production! However,it sounds like he has no problem dating the people he wants in real life. 

If you could set him up, which fellow star would you ship Go Kyung Pyo with? 

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