DramaFever is pleased to present Go, Single Lady, a new 2014 romantic comedy series starring Ady An of Autumn's Concerto and Mike He, and it starts today, October 16. The drama's title in Chinese actually means "True Love in Meeting Him." We have a fun MV from the show.

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As the daughter of a successful pig farmer, Wang Man Ling (Ady An) may be a rich girl, but she doesn’t know the first thing about acting the part. Meanwhile, prodigal playboy Fan Jiang Yu (Mike He) is on the way to the poorhouse following the collapse of his parents’ company. In an unlikely partnership between old and new money, Jiang Yu takes on the job of teaching Man Ling the ways of high society, and in the process of keeping up appearances, both of them discover what it means to truly have it made.


Ady An

DramaFever fans remember Ady as the beautiful girl who was  Vanness Wu's unforgettable love in Autumn's Concerto. We've been wanting to see Ady again (and Vanness too). In Go, Single Lady, Ady plays the daughter of a rich pig farmer who is worried that his daughter will never get married and wants her to join the upper crust. Who better than ex-rich heir Mike He to teach Ady the ways of the rich to fit in?

Mike He

Mike is new to DramaFever fans, but he has been a top idol in Taiwan for many years. In this hilarious romantic comedy, he plays a rich spoiled heir who loses his fortune and is forced to finally work for a change. So, how about a job teaching a pig farmer's girl the ways of the rich? Let's see who falls for the other first. It's been reported that Mike has a pig-kissing scene in the drama. Sounds like fun!

Go, Single Lady is a joint production between Taiwan and China, and it has 24 episodes. Also known as My Pig Lady, it promises to be full of hilarious fun. The first 5 episodes will be released on October 16. Check them out, and visit HERE to sign up for new episode alerts.

(photo: maplestage, sina)