Actor Go Soo has been in countless of dramas and movies but is probably best known for his starring role in the K-Drama, Will it Snow at Christmas? But have you ever realized how hot this guy is?! He’s like really, just… he should get a divorce (I kid, I kid!). Today we’re celebrating not only Jo Soo for his hotness and various roles, but because it’s his 35th birthday! Help celebrate by taking a slow scroll through photos of him, and I promise on a stack of classic drama dvds, you too will be wishing he never walked down the aisle! #TeamAllHotGuysShouldBeSingle

12. Don't you just love everything you see? His eyes, his smile, his arms, and the way his pants fit his waist. It's always the little details isn't it?

11. He's looking at you!

10. Wearing a suit, a guy can never go wrong with that.

9. Remember those teen magazines like Teen Beat and Tiger Beat?! This is the type of photo you'd find in one and rip it out and tape it on your wall, like if you were 14 years old. It's so cute though it makes me giggle! #SuchAChild

8. There's just something really sexy about guys who wear glasses and sport a clean hair cut. Actually, in this photo Go Soo oppa's side profile reminds me of Park Ki Woong.

7. He looks stunning smiling. It doesn't even matter that he has crows feet because in my mind it adds character and makes him look hotter. Sometimes aging actually increases a persons sex-appeal and attractiveness.

6. Pretty smile!

5. I know there's a lot going on in this photo but look at the vein along his hip bone. ^_^

4. This is what you wear when you're walking towards someone in a dark alley with bad intentions. #StandsStill

3. " Hey I'm all dirty, can you help me clean up?" (MUAHAHAH!)

2. What do you think? Do you all love a guy with a hairstyle like this?

1. Cher Horowitz did say in the movie Clueless that drawing attention to your mouth is a sure way of getting who ever you want so...

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE