Go Go Waikiki has turned out to be the funny side dish we needed to complement the serious main entrees of the current drama offerings. It's also a delightful surprise to find Go Won Hee, whose hilarious character made a strong impression in Strongest Deliveryman. What is she doing at the Waikiki guesthouse?

Twenty-three-year-old Go Won Hee is a model who had an acting debut in 2012. She has since continued with different roles. Viewers may remember her as a calculating queen in The King's Face. She also played a queen in Cruel Palace: War of the Flowers.

Although she's done a great job in historical roles, the rising star shined especially birght with her comedic antics in Strongest Deliveryman, where she portrayed a rich heiress trying to make it on her own by working at a coffeehouse. As she would find out, her low wages could hardly afford her a high-end couture handbag, a symbol of the life that she was accustomed to. At one point, she even had to sell off a few of her precious bags to get some quick cash.

Fans who missed her can now find her in the new romance comedy Go Go Waikiki.

In Go Go Waikiki, she plays Kang Seo Jin, the sister to Kang Dong Goo (Kim Jung Hyun), who, along with his two pals, is completely clueless about how to run a guesthouse, make a living, and take care of an unexpected baby. Kang Seo Jin is an aspiring reporter, but becomes trapped by the guesthouse and her brother's misfortune, leading to her own hilarious encounters.

The youthful and energetic actress is apparently endowed with a bright personality in real life. Take a look at this funny IG post from her:

나 윙크 잘하지?

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Go Won Hee isn't the only one who is funny in Go Go Waikiki. The entire cast's antics at the Waikiki guesthouse are giving us some big laughs.

Come to think of it, maybe I shouldn't have called this fun drama a "side dish." When you come home after a stressful work day and all you have time for is one drama, then Go Go Waikiki may turn out to be the best stress relief.

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Go Go Waikiki

Starring Kim Jung Hyun (1990) and Go Won Hee

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BTW, Go Won Hee's crush in Strongest Deliverman was played by Go Kyung Pyo, who is now starring as a doctor bent on revenge in Cross.

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