A reward for a job well done is always appreciated, especially if it's an all-expenses paid vacation to Phuket, Thailand! That's exactly where the cast and crew of Goblin are headed, to celebrate the hard work of all involved and resulting success of their uber-popular drama.

The cast and crew have marked their calendars for February 6th, when they will all be taking off from Incheon International Airport for destination Phuket, where they will all be treated to a very well-deserved vacation for some much needed partying and relaxing after the thousands of hours spent working on the show. What makes this trip special is the show's overwhelming success, as it has risen to the top of the ratings and broken a number of records. The star-studded cast has obviously been a huge factor here, and it seems as though they will get to enjoy a rare few days of vacation time. A rep for Gong Yoo has confirmed the actor will be making the trip, while Lee Dong Wook's agency is scrambling to adjust his schedule so that he can be there as well. There haven't been any confirmations yet regarding other members of the cast, but if their schedules allow, they will most likely be making the trip. 

It's Phuket, after all. What reason would you have to not go there for a celebration of your life and success?

Congratulations to me . . . 


Goblin: The Lonely and Great God

Starring Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun

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