Ji Eun Tak finds herself abandoned and alone. The only person she has in the world is the Goblin who saved her life. But she has a secret she never told him. When she comes clean, Goblin freaks out now that the bride he’s been waiting 900 years for is finally before him. What should he do? Be happy? Be sad? Get depressed? It’s an emotional rollercoaster and our Grim Reaper isn’t helping. He’s got his own troubles with a girl who can make him cry. Join Firnlambe, Taleena and I, Wendilynn, as we discuss this these episodes of Goblin.

Firnlambe: I adore this show…..really I do….so it bugs me that no one is coming clean to Eun Tak about what it means to be the Goblin’s bride. No amount of adorable bromance between Death and Kim Shin can make me ignore this fact. There I said it.

Taleena: This is where I have to disagree with you right? I think I am contractually obligated to be the voice of dissent. Anyhoo, it makes TOTAL sense to me that they are keeping her in the dark. 1) She’s human, they’re immortal, they probably haven’t thought of humans as terribly important to their aims in a long time. Sure, sure he SAYS he has been on the lookout for his bride for 1,000 years, but how often to we just slip into holding patterns and THINK we are really doing something when we aren’t. B) Goblin wants her to actually do it when the time comes. Asking someone to kill you is not terribly easy in this modern time. Thirdly) He is relationally challenged because HELLO Kdrama.


Firnlambe: Hey I never said I didn’t understand why they are keeping her in the dark….I just said it bugs me.

Wendilynn: She’s so alone and so abandoned that her lines became heartbreakingly painful to listen to because she didn’t know the truth. I understand why he wouldn’t tell her right away, and the previews make it look like she doesn’t know even when she goes to pull it. BUT, we humans generally don’t handle those sorts of burdens well. She is going to lose it when she finds out. And our Goblin was losing it just knowing his death was now even possible. When both Goblin and Death needed psychotherapy drugs, I admit, I started laughing. With all the death they’ve seen, NOW they need drugs? Lol


Taleena: I thought the take medication scene was not terribly amusing myself. Drunk Goblin though was HIGH-larious. Get it? Ha ha. Medication seemed random and out of nowhere, but a two beer drunk was so amusing. Considering that they are operating on the “first snow of the season” which  NEVER goes well, I think we are headed for some serious heartache and we will find that 2 Beer Goblin is the saddest memory of them all.

Firnlambe: Know what would make the heartbreak more bearable? Making sure everyone is up to snuff on information. Ok seriously that’s the last time I’ll bring it up . . . in this post. I agree, though, Heartbreak Junction is just around the bend. Eun Tak is making comments about how she can see children being raised in Kim Shin’s home, so you know that never bodes well. But for as much sadness we keep having pushed in front of us, I’m glad they are evening it out with scenes like our Goblin’s revenge. And I’m talking about both the Loan Sharks AND Eun Tak’s evil “family”.


Wendilynn: I know for some the age difference between our girl and Goblin is pretty steep. But, I don’t think Goblin ever forgets that he’s dealing with a 17yr old girl. (western age) She’s a senior in high school. She’s a kid. She doesn’t have a dependable family and he is nothing if not fully aware of that fact. Take that opening scene with the rescue scene. After he spectacularly cuts that car in half and curses the kidnappers, he gently walks behind her as she rages. He understands that he has a stressed out kid on his hands. And he gives her that space. However, I just want to add a point of humor that I didn’t realize that Death and Goblin were telepathic. And the way Death gets Goblin in trouble by pestering him was very funny.

Ge3  trouble 2.jpg

Taleena: I was very amused by the “eye talking” (or was it mental talking?) that the Guys did post-car wreck. It just goes to show you how out of touch with humanity Death is. Yes, she would probably get around to thanking them for a rescue but couldn’t process it as quickly as Death would have liked. I think that Goblin does interact with humans on a more emotional level with his dedicated servant family, and has a better handle on it. It gave Death’s first experience with deep emotion in ages heft in the latter scene on the bridge. The ring! The tears! Chicken NUGGET! I am already deeply invested in the romance between him and Chicken Beauty, even if Granny took a very sinister turn.


Firnlambe: I love both banter between Death and Kim Shin in the mental state and when Death has on his hat outside of the hangover soup shop. But in regards to Granny taking a sinister turn, how? I never got that vibe from her. I know from the DF synopsis that Death has amnesia, so I’m assuming she knows his past and that it has something to do with Chicken Beauty, but I didn’t see how her actions came off as sinister.

Taleena: She does that reflection in the mirror, “you both will pay” bwahahahahaha. Okay, maybe not the sinister laugh bit on the end. I might have tacked that on in my brain, but it was sinister to me.

Wendilynn: I’m still laughing over you giving Death and Chicken Beauty the couple name of Chicken Nugget. That is so outrageously funny. And yes, for some reason, our Grim Reaper cannot remember what sin he committed that made him a Grim Reaper or the past that goes with it. Clearly, Grannie does and she’s playing matchmaker. Not that Death remembers he’s got her phone number. Our boy is a little clueless. And every time he gets his feelings hurt, like when they teased him by calling him a murderer, that hurt little look on his face was just tragic. It was like kicking a puppy or something. The look on his face was so hurt. Of course, when Goblin tried to apologize, he laughed at him thinking he was not serious. The dynamics of the scenes between these two are just amazing.

Taleena: Let’s talk Duk Hwa for a minute because I think he is going to be the lynch pin to these crazy lovebirds getting together. Everyone underestimates him because he is just the pretty-boy wastrel, but he knows everything and controls the chicken restaurant. You know what he needs? His own love interest STAT!


Firnlambe: I’ve always enjoyed his character. Though I think VIXX’s N could have played this role better...but that’s not important. I was surprised to see that he “didn’t know” who Eun Tak was. I’m gonna call BS on that right here. It doesn’t make sense that he would pick up THAT particular children’s book, have an in-depth conversation with her, and then not know who she was until he dropped her off at school.

Wendilynn: I didn’t buy that he didn’t know who she was. The book thing, that is a coincidence. But he stalked her evil family and took pictures. How did he not know who Eun Tak was after that? I mean, seriously. So when he met her in the bookstore and later in the apartment and hadn’t put the three events together, that didn’t work for me. But, let's give Sung Jae a break, he’s doing a good job as Duk Hwa. It's not easy to play a sassy but selfish man-child. Can I just mention that when he was trying to beg for a card from Mr. Secretary, I just wanted him to get punched for trying to act like he was 5 with that little shoulder shake. Come on… you're an adult. Act like it.

Taleena: Well I could barely look at him with the LOUDNESS of clothes he was wearing. My very fashion conscious teen was down with the giant furry, red, black and white coat but hated the yellow suit. The credit cards? Yet another reason that he will ingratiate himself with Eun Tak and spill the plot beans to her. On a completely different note, my teen girl finally got a taste of the bitter cup that is waiting for a Kdrama kiss. She was practically chanting for it in the umbrella scene, and about curled up and died when I told her she might have to wait until episode 10!


Goblin: The Lonely and Great God

Starring Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun

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Firnlambe: I’ve seen so many almost kisses that my K-armor is +500 HP, so I don’t even feel the burn from them anymore. Don’t worry Ellie //pats head// that’s what the fluffy dramas are for . . . . side eyes 7 Kisses(¬_¬)

Wendilynn: Too right. However, I think our previews are giving us more than we should expect.

Taleena: No previews! *runs away*

Wendilynn: The previews last time said that death and Sunny were going to meet up finally, and they are still moping around for each other. So I”m hoping that means we aren’t going to get the sword pull next week. (sticks her tongue out at Taleena *thrrppt*) Our Goblin has been searching for his bride for a long time and now, I think he’s terrified to face what she means for him.

Ge4 death beckons.jpg

Firnlambe: I’d be terrified too, but I think his fear stems more from the fact that he has started to develop real feelings for Eun Tak and is not sure he wants to die anymore. I’m hoping and praying to the Kdrama overlords that when the sword is pulled that simply means he is no longer immortal. If he dies a real death death I’ll be extremely sad.

Taleena: Well, this is the real curse. It was not the immortality. It was that he was going to experience the pain of losing out on love AGAIN because he was faithless to the king with the queen. (and yes, I still believe there was a secret love child in the mix.) That poor Eun Tak is also getting the short end of the love stick (side note: that sounds vaguely dirty) is regrettable.


Wendilynn: I agree that Eun Tak is currently sitting in an unenviable position of needing to do the universes dirty job without getting compensated for it. Reminds me of the character Shi in Ice Fantasy. A character with lots of personal growth that gets NOTHING for his troubles. Eun Tak better get more than “Thank you for ending the Goblin curse, your job is done, now it's time to die”.

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