Greetings readers. We only get one episode this time, but it was one HECK of a doozy. Pasts were revealed, Romantic progress was made //spoiler// intense Kiss Scene //cough cough// and everything seemed to be on track for a happy ending . . . but our creepy demon had other plans in place. Plans that included being violently shoved down Heartbreak Lane.Join Taleena, Wendilynn and Firnlambe as they relive some of their happiest--and saddest--moments from Episode 13 of Goblin: The Great and Lonely God

Taleena: I am going to channel my inner teen girl for a moment: OMG!!!! Gong Yoo chose a good drama story moment to give a heckuva kiss. I think I watched it three times. It had everything: right moment, good camera work, great lip action, nice dip and bodywork, and at the end the actress looked like, “Wowie let’s do that again!”

Firnlambe: I for one, while I appreciated it, I was not prepared for it. I need a little more forewarning before scenes of that nature are placed in front of me….but yes it was definitely a Kdrama Kiss for the record books. Oh who are we kidding this whole DRAMA is one for the record books. I’ve told Wendilynn this as I was doing my typical play by play when watching--I NEED THIS SERIES IN PHYSICAL FORM!! Like, I will spend money on it to get the Director’s Cut. I’m not joking.

Wendilynn: The kiss was a big surprise, but I’m so glad they got a great heated kiss. The scene before we had Grim and Goblin realizing what the sword’s purpose was and so I knew when he dragged Eun Tak to the roof that she was bait. But I didn’t realize how serious the situation was about to get till that kiss and then ooooh, boy. I’m just putting it out there that there are not enough Oscars, Golden Globes, or any other award for that matter, to do justice to the outstanding performances given to us by Gong Yoo, Lee Dong Wook or Kim Go Eun in this episode.

Taleena: I am waiting to see if they can wrap up the end satisfactorily before I shell out my shekels to buy this, but so far so good. I rather liked that the kiss was unexpected. I am not looking for huge amounts of skin or PDA, but a nice HUGE romantic kiss at the end of a heartrending episode before a Boss fight? Yeah, more please. I’ll take that over long looks and conversations by sighs, flashbacks and voiceovers.

Firnlambe: True...if they end the series with only heartbreak and no happy ending I maaaay reconsider buying, but I doubt it lol. I also agree that this was an emotional ending of very large proportions. I was in tears almost as soon as the sword was taken out, and I didn’t stop even after the episode ended.

Wendilynn: I honestly did not expect this series to go the way it did. To die as the only way to get the sword to take out Evil Minister for all eternity just did not even once come on my radar. I just sat there with my mouth on the floor stunned. Yes, I cried. I was also fascinated by the relationship between Grim and Goblin. I thought for sure that the revelation of all memories would break them apart. But they realized that they were still a team and only together could they defeat evil. That they found the relationship they should have had in their mortal lives at the end just undid me. I also liked the special effects. Did you notice the fire coming out of the sword wound on Goblin’s body? I thought that was a particularly interesting touch.

Taleena: It was fitting that to defeat the ultimate baddie they had to forgive each other and move on. It was also somewhat of a relief that Eun Tak did not have to make the decision to kill Goblin, and he didn’t kill himself out of selfishness, but that he did it self sacrificially. And yes I did notice the fire coming out of his sword wound in the very long goodbye scene. Now that Evil dude is gone (or is he? Yes, yes he is.) they have three episodes to make it all better. I just can’t see Grim and Sunny ending with a sad breakup.

Firnlambe: That whole end scene was flawless and heartbreaking at the same time. From the burning ember effects to the musical track each item in the scene had a purpose. Though I really think that since Kim Shin pulled the sword out due to his need to protect his loved ones, and not for his own personal gain, is what will save him in the end. O-or at least I hope that will be the case. With this writing team I can’t trust anything anymore. And the possibility that our baddie could have somehow survived terrifies me, but I /believe/ that they won’t rip our hearts out and bring back last minute drama.

Wendilynn: No, Evil Minister won’t rise again. I doubt that he’ll even qualify for reincarnation after living on the evil thoughts of others for 900 yrs. The writing has been just fantastic and I hope that our two Gods have a solution up their sleeves because how they have used this collection of souls to solve this problem is deserving of some reward.

Taleena: OK. Let’s do a little assessment here, because I am just not sure what they are going to do.

  1. Grim: Needs to Reunite with Sunny, become human, and resolve his issues with Grim Higher Bureaucracy.
  2. Sunny: Needs to Reunite with Grim.
  3. Eun Tak: Needs to Save the Goblin
  4. Goblin: Needs Saving and Corporeality
  5. Pantsuit Goddess: Needs to Look Fabulous Some More.
  6. Girl Grim: Needs to repent and atone for poisoning Grim.
  7. Guy Grim: May be completely resolved.
  8. Kpop Corporate Dude: Has some mysterious role.
  9. Duk Hwa: Instrumental in bringing Goblin back.

That sum it up?

Firnlambe: Well you certainly listed out a lot didn’t you. I would really like it if Death and Sunny reunited and were able to be a couple for really reals. I honestly do, because it’s been enough time and King has done his time for taking his own life. I’m not sure how they would reunited but it definitely needs to happen. It’s just too mean if they really do end their releationship with that break up.

Firnlambe: Ummmmmm what else from the list do I wanna touch on...I hope Duk Hwa will team up with Eun Tak in bringing Kim Shin bac----ooooh nooooo my brain is now thinking about what Duk Hwa’s reaction will be to Goblin being gone. He just got over (the best that he could anyway) the fact that his grandfather passed away. I’m not in a position to think about anything else. //slaps Wendilynn’s hand// Tag-out.

Wendilynn: lol. That is an impressive list. I was happy we finally got EVERYONE’S memories and backstory. I was intrigued with how the Pantsuit Goddess got her hands on the green ring. I’m glad we finally know what Grim’s crimes are. Taking his own life is a very serious one. Which makes you wonder if suicide is a common crime in Grims. It would be fitting. I’m waiting to see what Poison Grim’s role is because so far, there’s been no reason to make her character stand out. I also want happily ever afters but I’m satisfied with how they let Goblin die. It was so masterfully done that I can’t regret it at all. When Goblin looked at Grim and told His Majesty that he was finally dead, I just lost it. So many little things that came together in those final moments were so unbelievably powerful.


Firnlambe: I think all Grim’s have committed suicide. It would be the ultimate punishment for them.

Taleena: Well, I’m going to push back on that for a minute. I think that the reason Grim’s suicide was such a big deal was because he was the KING. Like it or not, he had a bigger duty that just to himself. He was the king and his suicide left the kingdom and the people in the hands of Evil Councilor. It was not just selfish on his own behalf, but an abandoning of his duty.

Wendilynn: Taking one’s own life is a pretty serious sin in most theologies so even if he’d been a common man, I think they would have still been after him for it. But, he knew he was already being killed by Evil Minister. The man who had raised him like a son and then abandoned him when he wasn’t giving him what he wanted. I was glad to see he truly felt sorry for what he’d done to his Queen. He was a coward though and needed to learn to be strong and face the hard things.


Firnlambe: Speaking of learning to be strong. His intro into saving Eun Tak up on the roof was totally badass! I was very loud and obnoxious to the household with my reaction. Kudo’s to Death’s second in command for processing that paperwork asap.

Taleena: Yup. I agree that Grim’s second is great, and I do hope there is something more for him. He IS under the eye of Pantsuit Goddess. The fact of the matter is I have NO idea what is going to happen. I kinda hope some things are going to happen, but I with the exception of our flash of Eun Tak’s happy future we really don’t have a hint of where it is going. I am holding that flash forward with all my might.

Wendilynn: It’s exciting to know this drama could go in any direction. There is no way we could have seen this coming when we started what looked like a potentially fluffy drama.

What direction do you think the series will go next? Has Kim Shin passed away for good? Or do our mysterious Gods have other plans in place? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below, and we hope that your kdramas feels will recover soon.

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