Greetings readers. Gong Yoo has finally returned to the Drama Land! Was everyone emotionally prepared to watch almost 3 hours of his wonderful acting right out of the gate? Did everything live up to your expectations like it did for ours? Or are you reserving judgement until a later time? The crew is back together, so join us as Taleena, Wendilynn and Firnlambe discuss plot points and possible theories from Goblin episodes 1 & 2. 

Taleena: OKAY. I’ll say it. I did a spit take - for real - when Gong Yoo turned out to be a Goblin Hotelier. There are some drama tropes that will not go away. My teen daughter did not understand why that was so funny, but this show got her hooked into a drama and may have made a convert. The charismatic draw of Gong Yoo lives on.

Firnlambe: The draw of Gong Yoo will never fail to convert the non-believers. I love everything about this show so far. Except for the fact that my gut is telling me it will end in tears and sadness.

Wendilynn: The idea that he finds the girl who can see his sword so he can finally die does give us the possibility of a sad ending. However, This show keeps me laughing too much to worry about it. The chemistry between Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook is magic. Those two gel so well that you can’t help but love the rivalry between them.

Firnlambe: I bust a gut laughing when Kim Shin was drilling Wang Yeo on which outfit was better looking whilst holding an Eric Nam CD.

Taleena: I am laying down a marker here. Mark it down. Magic Eight Ball says: a happy AND sad ending. This is what will happen: they both die and neither drinks the tea. She has to pull the sword and kill him in an agonizing way, but then Dong Wook of the Magnificent Hat is so softened by his own love story with Chicken Shop Beauty his heart grows three sizes.

Firnlambe: I hope this is the case . . . Because I don’t think my heart can handle Gong Yoo falling in love only to die and forget it all.

Wendilynn: Your Grinch reference is cracking me up. So appropriate. Was anyone else amazed that 3 hrs passed by in a moment? I had no idea the episodes were so long because i was so engrossed in the story. That backstory was rough. Killing your whole army because you’re jealous that the queen likes the General more than you seemed a bit much.

Firnlambe: I was so glad we got the extra hour of viewing. I’m sad it is only for the first two, but I understand why. That being said I feel like our Goblin’s backstory is not quite complete. Maybe it’s the “old” woman who seems to know so much about him, but something feels like it was not explained in full.

Taleena: I agree that the backstory is not quite complete. I was feeling like there was a missing bloodline link between the Goblin and his hereditary staff. Like he stashed a secret love child with them or something. Perhaps that is just my gutter mind, but the way they kept getting camera shots of the Queen’s ring - the same one in the “Granny”’s jewelry box - make me shout “secret love child!” over and over. It fit right in with my daughter yelling “I ship it!” through the whole show.

Wendilynn: lol, Since they were all descendants of his Second in Command and probably his Vassal, I think there’s a whole vow to service going on there. That our Goblin is taking care of his friend’s family is rather sweet, all things considered. Especially that tiny little graveyard. My heart totally tugged.

Firnlambe: I have to wonder though. Why Canada? Like out of all the countries the Goblin could have gone to, why that one?

Taleena: Obviously for the superior maple syrup. Because only scoundrels and wastrels go to the USA? Because that was the distant shore the boat wreckage washed up on? AND REALLY: did the goblin cling to spars across the stormy Pacific? Did he walk Zombie like across the bottom of the ocean? Open a magic door Narnia like? Inquiring minds want to know.

Firnlambe: I was nice to see that the country of choice was not instantly the USA or England. I just about cracked up when Eun Tak followed Kim Shin through his magic door of transportation. It was even funnier when he tested if Wang Yeo could do it as well. Mainly because our Grim Reaper had his competitive streak activated. I just about died from the giggles.

Wendilynn: Every scene involving Death and Goblin was fit of giggles inducing. I keep saying these two have a magic about them that makes their rivalry such a joy to watch. From throwing salt and pepper into their food to bed caps and underwear. I was cracking up.

Taleena: Yup, the chemistry between Gong Yoo and Dong Wook was wonderful. I would totally watch a buddy show with them without the romance. Surprisingly, the romance didn’t suffer in comparison, the best dramas always are able to balance the friendships with the romances and my fingers are crossed that this balance will continue. Even the young punk, Duk-Hwa, was able to partake in the fun atmosphere, rolling in all the humidifiers was too funny.

Firnlambe: I second the buddy show motion! They have such a great bromance. Also I don’t know about you two, but I fully enjoyed watching Duk-Hwa interact with his “Uncle” Kim Shin. I like that his character, while a brat, treats our Goblin like a normal human.

Wendilynn: I don’t know, I think he needs to grow on me some more. His wheeling and dealing was getting on my nerves. Although, the smoking bit was pretty funny. Depressed Goblin doesn’t need a cigarette. Lol

Taleena: Can we talk about “Granny” for a moment? I really want to know what her deal is. Is she a goblin too? I think she might be. She has a lot of the same qualities as our Goblin. She can see things about people’s near futures, is completely unafraid of a Grim Reaper, and only seems marginally interested in people as a whole. I was a little unsure of how trustworthy she was until I realized my reservations stemmed from the actress herself. She played the tricky Jaime in Liar’s Game and it was shading how I read her current role.

Firnlambe: I don’t know about the her being a Goblin...If so, she must be an exceptionally old Goblin who has developed the ability to change her shape at will. Which seems unlikely. Obviously she is supernatural in nature, I'm just not certain how yet.

Wendilynn: They did a very good job on aging that actress. I’m not sure what I think she is, but she’s the matchmaker as far as I’m concerned. She had the Queen’s ring and it looked like that girl swiped it, but maybe she was just looking at it. And she clearly gave her advice that would bring our dear Goblin to her and save the child when she got hit. She was also there to give her cabbage and spinach when necessary.

Taleena: I think Eun Tak will be able to see the sword as soon as she wears the ring. I also think she will be pulling the sword in his sad Buckwheat field of flowers. The question is will Granny give Eun Tak or our Goblin the ring?

Wendilynn: That’s a good question. Their love story could ultimately be a sad one, but I’m sort of looking forward to Death and Chicken girl’s story. Those two are going to be perfect for each other. lol

Taleena: Ahem. That is Chicken BEAUTY. Tsk tsk. The music sting every time someone first sees her is a hoot.

Firnlambe: I think Wendilynn was onto something on Eun Tak’s mother lifting the Ring of Destiny, as I had the same thought process during that scene. I also can’t wait for Death and Chicken Beauty’s fated meeting. Their relationship is going to be interesting because I feel like her personality is going to bring Death to a heel.

Taleena: One last question for you to ponder: If the fortune teller told Chicken Beauty to look out for a man in a pitch black hat - and what a stylin’ hat it was - and the hat makes him invisible to humans, is Chicken Beauty more that human? AND the last time I saw a Goblin in a kdrama was No Min Woo in My Girlfriend is a Nine Tailed Fox. So maybe??!!

Wendilynn: She’s clearly something since she is gorgeous but it’s not attracting a single customer. How is she keeping that business open? And I have to laugh, you mentioned the Hotel thing earlier. Dong Wook had a past drama called Hotel King. I wonder if we’ll get any inside jokes on that?

Firnlambe: Who knows, but it needs to be Friday like tomorrow . . . I need to see how the two of them save Eun Tak asap. I mean they had an awesome entrance and everything. Though I am half expecting one of them //cough cough// Death //cough cough// to trip right as they approach.

Taleena: No one wearing such fabulous kdrama shoes could trip - not without someone’s lips to fall onto anyway.

Wendilynn: These guys pissed off Death and Goblin, so their day is about to become unpleasant. As they were walking towards the car I sort of had, ‘Here I come to save the day!” running through my head. *laughter* I’m thinking “Granny” is hiding the bankbook, what do you think?

Taleena: Yup. Totally. And Duk Hwa has the Canadian Romance Leaf.

See the 3 hours was totally worth it. Our Goblin's wife is finally revealed but will she be able to come out of this kidnapping unscathed? Or will she require both of her brooding, yet unlikely, heroes to come and save the day? Our hive mind is just running with possible plot bunnies, so keep and eye out for things we may have missed. Do you have any theories of your own to add to what we've already whipped up? Be sure to let us know in the comments below. We love reading how others took the episodes. See you all for episodes 3 & 4.

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