A love is found then lost, a missing villain makes his appearance, we lose a character, and find a delightful surprise which connects so many weird dots. Join Taleena, Firnlambe, and Wendilynn as we chat Goblin episodes 11 and 12.


Goblin: The Lonely and Great God

Starring Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun

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Taleena: We ended our talk last week with speculation that we were going to meet the reincarnation of Evil Councilor and we did -- kinda. Our missing baddie returns to the show as a Super Creepy apparition which I am totally going to call a Demon and not a ghost. The nasty sound effects and blackened fingers and tongue just gave me the willies.

Not nice.png

Wendilynn: He’s really rotting. I agree that he qualifies as a demon. It boggles my mind that he thinks he has the right to revenge, with all that he’s done and is trying to still do. The creep factor just is too much.

Firnlambe: I’ll admit that this particular plot point was an unexpected twist for me. I was expecting more drama, but I was not expecting it to come from an enemy coming back from the past. I was thinking it would be more drama and angst from the department of relationships. Which is something that has already started to tear at my heartstrings. Poor Death.

Taleena: I have to say that this drama really brought DOng Wook back into the “leading man” category for me. The scene where he kisses Sunny then erases her memories was amazing because I wasn’t haunted by the feeling that they through in that scene as an obstacle for no reason. It was organic to the character and motivations and so I could love it whole-heartedly.

Wendilynn: Absolutely. Dong Wook has been amazing as the gentle yet adorable Grim and his scenes in these episodes just tore my heart to pieces. I agree that his actions have been very organic and that is true for all these characters. I never feel like things happen “just because”. When he gave Sunny her happy past life memories yet erased himself from them made me cry. He’s walked a hard road realizing that he’s a tortured soul.


Firnlambe: I loved the way their history was revealed, but that wasn’t what made me tear up this week. THAT honor goes to Duk Hwa and how he handled losing his grandfather. Honestly it was that whole scene which was really the driving force that brought me to tears.

Taleena: OK. I have a question that has been driving me NUTS since I saw it. Does Duk Hwa remember his time as a meat suit for a god? (Side note - I think this totally confirms my Noona Romance theory last week.)

Wendilynn: ROFL!! I knew something was funny about him and that butterfly, but there was no way I could have seen possession as the reason. I think he remembers certain things done, but not ‘how’ they were done because he didn’t remember Hot Grandma when he meets up with her that last time. But he seems to remember conversations he had with Eun Tak.


Firnlambe: I’m gonna also say no, he doesn’t remember everything. I also was reeeeeally messed up by his whole moment possession. First I was extremely confused and then died of laughter when Kim Shin was out for blood.

Wendilynn: Duk Hwa really shined in his story. Whether we dropped our jaws when he was possessed or how he internalized the loss of his grandfather. I had to smile when he took on the role of loyal servant and companion. Even with his grousing.

Taleena: I really hope that we have more of Duk Hwa and Company Man Kpop Dancer - what IS his name? (F: I believe it was Kpop Dancer Extraordinaire) - materially contribute to the resolution of all the love lines. The writers have been super awesome about bouncing between the little emotional closures - Goblin getting his faithful Lieutenant a job in his reincarnated life - and building the two big love stories.

Wendilynn: I’ve loved the closures. We even got to see Eun Tak’s past life.

Firnlambe: …. W-we did? I thought that was a scene of him in the past, where the teacher was the restaurant lady and then he saw the future. Which happened to be the moment of Eun Tak’s graduation.

Taleena: No, it was for sure Eun Tak as the older Restaurant Woman in the Jeoson era, because he kept looking at her smile and then commented how she passed him by in a moment before he could recognize her. Speaking of the bad teacher, I LOVED Pantsuit Goddess giving her the coldest, calmest beat down ever. Pantsuit Goddess was the avatar of every viewer who were up in arms about her treatment of Eun Tak in earlier episodes.

Wendilynn: Totally agree with you on that. That was really cold and much deserved. That was another scene that made me all teary because Eun Tak finally realized that Pantsuit Goddess was really Market Grandma and probably knew in that moment she was supernatural as well. She’s got a lot of people watching out for her, which is a good thing as she keeps getting in danger. Dumb ghosts.

Taleena: I am mostly irritated with the ghost confronting her husband. I know they had to do that to remind the audience of the Goblin’s sweet ghost smiting sword so we can be surprised when it doesn’t work on the Evil Councilor, but it made me mad. At least Eun Tak managed to chew out the ghost with my exact words moments after I shouted them at the screen.

Firnlambe: That scene in the classroom is another moment that made my tear ducts work into overdrive...but YES!! The ghost with a grudge against her husband was most infuriating. Though I was equally as upset at Eun Tak. I mean really. You were told to avoid high locations because you were going to fall to your death, and what do you do?!? Let's just walk up to the roof of a super tall high rise. //facepalm//

Wendilynn: Right?!! As she walked up those stairs, I knew it was going south. When Goblin was standing there with his sword I was cheering. What a hero moment they give Gong Yoo. Both men are getting their ‘leading man’ cards quite full. As for our Goblin, I loved how he started trying to give his sister all the things he couldn’t give her in their past life. While she was skeptic at first, once she had her memories back, they were so sweet. And I was surprised that she tested the Grim Reaper theory by knocking off his hat. Did that surprise anyone else?


Taleena: Oh I loved her surprising Grim with that peach branch. (And them Gong Yoo’s sheepish look at making it bloom later) Gong Yoo also had a very nice subtle happiness going when she mentioned her memories as his sister.

Firnlambe: That was a great scene when she knocked off the hat. I also really enjoyed the small jab she made about how they have a stressful job when the rest of the grim reapers came to her shop.

Wendilynn: Feeding the Grims was rather cute. They certainly didn’t deserve that considering they abandoned our Grim to a trip to the police station in past episodes.

Taleena: oh! I want to know: Will Lady Grim, the Former Poisoner turn on Demonic Evil Councilor? My magic eight ball says YES.

Firnlambe: I’m curious what she did to deserve becoming a Grim Reaper. Did she kill someone after her mistress was murdered? Or was she involved in something more with the Queen..

Wendilynn: She was Evil Minister’s poisoner. She was the one giving the Older Brother King poison and I bet you anything she probably poisoned our Grim Reaper when he was no longer useful to Evil Minister.

Taleena: I concur. I bet she poisoned Grim because she was In LURRRRVE with him and he was heartbroken over the Queen’s death. I think she became a Grim because she regretted poisoning him.

Firnlambe: Gah! So many theories! I hope our leads don’t go through too much heartache these last few weeks now that the Demon has arrived. They’ve already been through so much.

Wendilynn: What has me sad is that we’ve spent weeks watching our Grim and Goblin become friends and now we’ve got Goblin with his hand around Grim’s throat and Grim not fighting him at all. Our gentle Grim probably won’t fight Goblin at all.

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